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In this section of the newsletter we work on changing our lives for the better by setting goals each month. So, how did you do on your goal(s) last month?

I did pretty good on my goals of going to bed each night by 9:30 p.m., strength training 3-4x's a week (light weights/fast pace/high reps), and increasing my protein intake until... we went on vacation.

It was a well deserved vacation alone with my husband! The first vacation for us in over four years!

It was really nice to get away to Mexico until two days into our visit the Swine Flu, or excuse me, the H1N1 virus, hit the news. I told my husband we should probably think about leaving Mexico early because the media is probably making more of this than it really is. And, if that's the case people are going to panic and want to leave too so, flights will be full, and there will be less flights coming in that we could leave on. Oh, and there was that tiny worried feeling they may close the borders!

When it was all said and done, we ended up getting home a day late at around midnight - just exhausted and drained. We were a day late not because of the Swine Flue problem, but because of the airline! The plane was broke down and they had to fly in parts and mechanics to fix it. I won't mention names, but I will never fly on that airline again.

So, now that I'm back, both the kids and myself have been off track in our daily routines. The kids are acting up a lot because I've never left them in someone else's care overnight. I'm off track because of the stress of the trip, un-packing everyone, and staying up late to get the house cleaned up and in order (grandma watched the kids here and it was really messy when I got back - everything was sticky!)

I just now have things in order and feel good about myself and our routine again.

So, if you're on track to meet your goal(s) for the month, great! If not, re-focus on your goal(s) with me, and let's set some more goal(s) for this month.

Here's mine, continue to work on and develop a daily routine for my family including me. Getting a routine is this month's hot topic we'll talk a little more about below.

In this Issue

What's New at Life Organize It

A simple solution to organize all of your scrapbooking materials.

Create a scrapbooking room just for you and organize all of your scrapbooking materials.

Finally - simple and smart solutions to organize all of your earrings so you can actually enjoy and wear them.

Get ready for summer and organize your garden tools. I know I've had a hard time getting my garden tools organized in the past. They're just awkward and are hard to organize until now. I've listed this page under a new section at

Be on the lookout because we'll be adding more pages to 'organizing clutter' to help you organize the un-organizable in your life!

Learn how to create a home filing system for all of your important household documents. You'll be able to find what you need quickly without the stress of trying to find that important document.

Offering two eating plans, one for accelerated weight loss and one for long-term. These eating plans are simple and include an increase in protein to help build more fat burning muscle and they include great tips to help get yourself organized for weight loss success.

If there's something you'd like to see on Life Organize It, please feel free to let me know. Just reply to this e-zine.

Coming this month at Life Organize It...

  • Emergency Preparedness. Are you prepared for an emergency? Get the vital information you need to prepare your family for an emergency. Here are just a couple of things you'll learn... how to create an evacuation plan in case of an emergency or fire and find out what you need to put together a disaster supply kit.
  • Dollar Stretcher. If you have more month left than money at the end of the month, then you'll need to read this. 'Dollar Stretcher' offers tips to help you save even more money. As a bonus, starting this month, I'll be sharing with you how my husband and I are starting a new program together to make a commitment to totally change the way we handle money... for the better!
  • Kids and Money. Money seems to be on everyone's mind and rightfully so! The topic of 'Kids and Money' will delve into how to teach our kids the right way to handle money, so they don't end up like us, just kidding. Anyways, 'Kids and Money' offers common sense solutions to showing kids the best way to handle money for a debt free future.

Welcome to the Organize-It-Mom e-zine. Last month we talked about changing up our exercise and eating routines to get the most benefit.

I made it a goal to change my exercise routine by cutting out cardio and strength training 3-4x's a week (light weights/fast paced/high reps). The results are good as the cardio was wearing me out so, I don't feel as tired, and I feel much stronger. I really need the stress release that cardio gives me so, I've added some intervals on the elliptical machine every now and again. In my eating plan I ramped up my protein intake. I also added another page to Life Organize It that offers a good sensible diet plan that does just this at I'm doing the second phase of this eating plan and I now have about 5 lbs of fat left to lose. Not bad!

Now about my goal for this month - getting a routine together for my family and myself. I thought I had a pretty good routine for everyone before we went on vacation, but after lying on the beach for a couple of days I realized how run ragged I was with four kids, a business, and a house to look after.

Although I was pretty stressed coming back from Mexico, I was still relaxed enough when I got back to notice how I let 'little' things get to me and stress me out. 'Little' things like the car that tail-gates me, my kids yelling, a nasty comment from a family member, someone took all of my pens by the phone, no toilet paper left on the roll, someone leaving the upstairs gate open and the baby is crawling around - not a 'little' thing. What I found was that these things really were taking their toll on me. I took from my vacation that I needed to change things around with my family, or the stress was going to wreak havoc on me. In prior issues of this e-zine I've shared with you how I'm trying to get my hormones in balance after the birth of my last baby, and the stress that I've been under would never allow any type of hormonal balance to happen.

So, what I decided to do was take control. I'm working out a more structured routine with my kids and myself that I'm getting really excited about. It's absolutely amazing how great it feels already to follow some type of structured routine and get stuff done! I'm not just reacting to things all day long now. Now mind you, I have to remain pretty flexible, but following a general routine is the only way to get stuff accomplished and meet your goals to a better life. I'll be sharing more about how I'm shaping up my family's and my routine in the future.

This month, continue to set a goal(s) for yourself and enjoy your life!

Have a wonderful month!

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Organize It Mom e-zine brings you simple to use techniques that have a big impact on getting your life organized fast!

If you like this e-zine, then do your friends and relatives a favor and forward it to them. If your friend or relative forwarded it to you, then do yourself a favor and subscribe by visiting for a subscription to a free organizing e-zine.

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I'll see you soon.