Organizing Clutter

Finally Learn How to
Organize the Un-organizable!

Clutter doesn't discriminate and it can be found in almost every home.

Clutter tends to accumulate wherever there isn't a system of organization in place. It can be temporary or permanent. For instance, I tend to have temporary clutter every once in a while when I'm working on something, or have something that needs to be filed and or organized. Right now, I have about three stacks of paper on my office floor that represent a current project I'm working on and filing that needs to be done.

Believe it or not, keeping 'temporary clutter' is one of my strategies for getting clutter under control. If a current project or filing is out, on the floor, and in my way, then I'm constantly being reminded of it and make it a priority to work on and organize it.

Organizing clutter is really a simple process and one of my favorite activities. It's so liberating to clear out clutter and get it organized.

To learn more on how I go about organizing clutter, check out the pages below to win the battle against clutter by learning how to organize, keep it contained, and under control.

Organize Garden Tools.
If your garden tools are a cluttered mess, then you need to read this! Garden tools tend to end up cluttered in the garage, the yard, the tool shed... you name it, they're a clutter magnet. So, be sure to check out these organizing tips to get your garden tools organized for maximum use.

Organize Your Photos.
If your photos are a mess of clutter in boxes, then you'll want to check out this page to finally get them organized. This page offers no nonsense tips to get any amount of photos organized in a timely and efficient manner.

Organize Digital Photos.
Digital cameras are great, but they can be a disaster when it comes to organizing clutter. If your digital camera still has photos from your daughter's second birthday party and she's now five, then you'll definitely benefit from reading how to develop a system of organization for your digital photos on this page.

Music Organizer.
Music is a great pleasure and it's only obvious that having it organized will allow you to enjoy it more. Learn how to get your down loadable music organized so you can find what you want fast!

Tool Organizer.
To me there's nothing more frustrating than not being able to find something when you need it the most! If you're tired of looking for a 'flat-head' screwdriver, or a hammer, or a pair of pliers only to find them lying outside later on, then you need to read this page!

Getting your tools organized ranks high when organizing clutter around the home because it saves time and frustration. Find out how to keep your tools organized so you can find them when you need them and avoid endless frustration and hassles. *Quick hint... once you have them organized, hide them, so others don't borrow and 'forget' to put them back*

Tips for Decluttering

Clearing Clutter.
Have a pack rat or two in your life? If you do, then organizing clutter is a special challenge for you. Find out how getting rid of clutter will have a positive impact on your mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Garage Sale Tips.
Now that you've worked hard to clear the clutter out of your home, make some money off it with these easy garage sale tips that will guarantee a successful garage sale.

How to Sell Online.
Don't feel like a garage sale? Then learn how to easily sell your stuff online and start making some money off your clutter with these tips!

What to Recycle.
You've de-cluttered, organized, and cleaned... now what do you do with the stuff you don't want or can't sell? Recycle it! It's good for the Earth, and these tips will tell you what to recycle and where to recycle it all.

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