Health and Beauty Tips

Health and Beauty Tips - It's all about you... your health and beauty and how to get an organized streamlined routine so that you not only look your best, but feel that way too!

When we're young it seems it's all about 'how we look'. We want to look slim, trim, toned, and beautiful. As we age, the balance seems to shift from all about 'how we look' to 'how we feel'. Now, most, if not all of us want to age gracefully and look fabulous along the way too. But, if you don't feel well, then everything else seems out of sorts too.

This section of Life Organize It offers a balance of health and beauty tips that will allow you to not only age gracefully, but feel great too. Enjoy!

Beauty Tips

Beauty Routine - Make yourself a priority for a change and learn how to fit a beauty routine into your busy schedule.

Makeup Organizer - Get ready in the morning fast with simple and inexpensive ways to create a makeup organizer.

How to Apply Makeup - Check out these easy lessons on how to apply makeup and see some great products that I personally use and recommend. These are quick and easy to use products that provide a huge impact on how great you can look fast.

Makeup Tricks - Find out my secrets to looking great in no time flat. Even with four kids running around while I do it!

Eye Makeup Tips - Get big beautiful eyes fast with these tips.

Nail Care Tips - Simple and fast manicure tips along with my own at home pedicure routine.

Skincare Basics

Good Skin Care - The basics to a good skin care routine you need to know.

How Not to Dress Old

Health and Beauty Tips would not be complete with out 'need to know' info on how not to look old!

Current Fashion Trends - Advice for how to dress for your age and shape.

Hair Care Tips

Greasy Hair - Ugh, do you have greasy hair? Here's the best way to deal with it along with some products I personally recommend to combat greasy hair.

Dry Hair Treatment - What's worse greasy or dry hair? How about a combination of greasy roots and dry ends? Whatever type of hair you have, greasy or dry, if you do any type of chemical treatment to your hair, you more than likely need a dry hair treatment every now and again.

Hair Trends for Today's Busy Mom - Pull your whole look together fast with these easy hair trends.

Weight Loss Tips - Your Diet and Exercise

These Health and Beauty Tips articles would definitely not be complete without the following articles on diet and exercise.

Meal Replacement Shakes - Find out why this is my secret weapon to losing weight and boundless energy when I am short on time, but need to fuel my body.

The Warrior Diet - If you're unorganized, you can't focus on a weight loss routine. So, get your weight loss organized and read about this fast way to lose weight. I'm not kidding... I lost ten pounds in two months on this diet!

6 Meals a Day Weight Loss Plan - A great way of eating to help transition off the Warrior Diet. Provides energy and beautiful skin too!

Healthy Diet Tips - Rev up your eating routine with Healthy Diet Tips. You'll save money too by learning simple tips that will keep you out of the fast food drive thru.

Healthy Eating Tips - You need to enjoy life, so go ahead and eat out! Healthy Eating Tips will give you simple yet powerful strategies to save your waist line when eating out.

Benefits to Exercise - You may not want to, but you have to exercise. Benefits to exercise will teach you all the reasons you need to exercise, so you'll have that much more incentive to do it!

Basic Workout Tips - Is just that. Basic info you need to know to not only get optimum results from your workouts (who wants to waste time?), it provides basic info to prevent injuries from working out.

Walking for Exercise - Hate to run? Can't run? Then you'll love this article on why walking for exercise is an excellent way to get your cardio in!

Medicine Ball Exercises - Shows you how adding this simple and inexpensive piece of equipment can really boost your workout results.

Kettlebell Workouts - Get back to basics with this old school workout and get fantastic results fast!

Cardio Exercises - Forget all the hype and get the facts on cardio exercise and you'll be burning the fat off in no time!

Use and enjoy these health and beauty tips. They will bring you boundless energy and radiant beauty.

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