House Cleaning Tips

That Cut Cleaning Time Drastically

Would you like to learn house cleaning tips that allow you to get your house clean in less than half the time?

How many of you actually like to clean your home? Probably not many. I enjoy cleaning for more for the calmness it brings into my home such as it allows me to feel in control, it calms me down, and it brings a sense of order to the home. At times I also find the monotony of cleaning to be almost meditative. I don't have to think about cleaning, I just have to do it. It can be very methodical if you relax and just 'be' in the moment of the chore.

The next question is, who has the time and energy to clean your home? Now, having said how meditative and calming cleaning can be, finding the time to actually clean can be a challenge. Not many of us have the time to clean, but with the cleaning tips I'm going to share with you below, we all can find the time and energy because not much is required. You'll develop routines for yourself every day that will help you find the time to get and keep your home clean and organized.

Before we get started, we all need to make peace with the mess in our homes. In my years of organizing people's homes, I've found the majority to be either obsessive compulsive or ostrich like that stick their head in the sand to avoid the mess.

If you're obsessive compulsive like me, you may obsess about what is left undone in the process of getting other things done.

To keep my sanity, I've learned to let go and realize that it will all get done when it needs to. My method for doing this is creating a pretty basic system of cleaning, which I'll share with you on each of the house cleaning tip pages below.

On the other hand… For you ostrich types, it's been my experience, you may need a little nudging to get things done. This is great, because the methods mentioned in the pages below require little effort on your part.

In the following pages, you're going to learn how to clean the whole house quickly and with less effort by doing the following:

  • Work smarter not harder by letting our cleaners or cleaning supplies do their job, and
  • Create a simple routine or cleaning system to get your house clean, be happy with whatever you can get done, and let go of your perfectionist attitude. It doesn't all need to be done now and done perfectly!

Pick a page below and learn how to clean your house in less than half the time.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

High Traffic Areas

How to Clean Windows

Clean Bedroom

Clean Kid's Bedrooms

How to Clean a Living Room/Den

How to Clean Walls

General Cleaning Tips

House Cleaning You Can Ignore

Cleaning Help (Enlist Your Husband and Kids)

How to Paint a Room (painless painting)

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