Quick and Easy Tips to a Clean Bedroom

First rule of thumb for a clean bedroom is to keep dirty clothes off the floor and furniture. Either purchase a hamper for every bedroom or have your family tote their stuff to the laundry room. This simple step alone will keep a lot of clutter out of the bedroom.

Having a clean bedroom is so easy, if and only if, it is free of clutter. So, if you need to declutter the bedroom, don't feel bad, clutter can accumulate quickly there so, please see my page on bedroom organization.

Follow along as we go through a typical weekly bedroom clean, but first, gather the following supplies and cleaners.

  • Swiffer Duster
  • Pledge (use once a month)
  • Sprayway window cleaner
  • Micro fiber cloths (2)
  • 409
  • Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser
  • Vacuum

Tidy up first putting away all clothes, jewelry, magazines, reading material, etc.

Strip the bed of linens.

Dust everything with your Swiffer Duster starting at the top and work your way down (don't forget to dust the blinds if you have them).

Move into the closet occasionally and dust off the shoulders of your hanging clothes.

Dust the baseboards once a month.

Pledge all hardwood furniture once a month.

Clean only the dirty portions of your windows with Sprayaway window cleaner and wipe with a micro fiber cloth (for more window cleaning tips, see my page on window cleaning).

Vacuum only the traffic areas (vacuum under furniture only once a month or so).

Clean up any smudges on walls and doors with 409 or Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser.

Wipe up the light switches and door knobs with 409.

Some quick tips to a clean bedroom everyday…

Make the bed! This will make you feel better instantly and makes getting in the bed at night much more pleasant. To make the bed, only make one trip per side. First straighten out the sheets on one side and pull the sheets and bedspread over to that side a little more. Move over to the other side of the bed and straighten it out and pull the sheets and bedspread over from the other side to straighten it all out and you're done. Making the bed this way only takes about a minute. During the winter when you use a comforter, making the bed will take even less time.

For spring cleaning do the following:

  • Wash your washable curtains
  • Vacuum non-washable curtains
  • Vacuum under the bed
  • Dust ceiling fans and clean light fixtures
  • Vacuum all the corners and edges of the room (this is needed to vacuum up spiders and their eggs to avoid future cobwebs and may need to be done every couple of months)

If you work quickly enough, the weekly bedroom clean will take you less than ten minutes.

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