Easy Bedroom Organization

to Create a Relaxing Haven

Bedroom organization is critical to our physical and mental well being. When you enter your bedroom to sleep at night, the last thing you need to see is clutter. The sights of mounds of clothes, magazines and papers everywhere, toys, or even the treadmill does not promote a good night sleep.

When you embark on bedroom organization, remember the four keys to organization:

  • Remember the purpose of the space you are organizing
  • (the bedroom is for relaxing and sleep… only stuff related to that goes in there)
  • Declutter
  • Categorize
  • Create a place for everything

Remember the purpose of the bedroom

Think about what you like to do in your bedroom. Do you like to read, watch a little television before you drift off, or do you have a small office in there?

Really spend some time on this question as it will set the tone for how you go about your bedroom organization project.

Once you've answered the question above, then break things down into categories and declutter.


Organize reading materials (books and magazines) in a nice basket and purge often.

Clear the top of the dresser of all unnecessary and unrelated items. Again, decide what you will keep, toss, or donate all the while asking the three important questions…

Bedroom Organization

Do I want this?

Do I need this?

Do I use this?

Do the same for inside the dresser, but remember to set yourself a timer and work quickly, or this can become a tedious drawn out project.

Clear the room of knickknacks. Knickknacks make it really hard to keep things organized and dusted. Go through these and decide which ones to keep, toss, or donate. Put the keepers in a cabinet in another room or wrap them up and store them away and label the box.

Bedroom Storage

Look under the bed for storage. Under bed plastic storage containers are excellent for bedroom organization. You can store items like out of season clothes in them. If your bed is too low, then purchase bed risers and stow your stuff under the bed.

Use storage baskets and old china dishes as catchalls for items you remove at the end of the day such as jewelry, change, or hair pins and ponytails.

The dangerous clutter zone… the bedroom closet. For tips to whip your bedroom closet into shape, see Bedroom Closet Organization.


Pick a bed that fits your lifestyle. If you like to read in bed, an iron bed will be uncomfortable. Choose a padded, wood, or leather headboard to lean on while you read.

Make the bed every morning. It's a miracle how much this can lift your spirits and start the day out right. Choose easy to make styles such as a simple bedspread with shams in the summer and a duvet cover with a comforter and shams in the winter.

Pick a nightstand with drawers. It can hide things like reading glasses, lip balm, a pen and writing pad.

If you're limited on space, install a wall shelf for a nightstand.

Television, use an armoire so you can close it off and hide the television.

Office in the bedroom? Try to keep the office out of the bedroom, but if you must have an office in the bedroom, use an armoire to hide the computer and paperwork. If you are limited on funds, then see my page on Cheap Home Furniture.

Bedroom Organization

You can take an old armoire paint it and modify its internal components to work as a desk for your computer. You will find ideas to revamp and revitalize old furnishings for a fraction of the cost of new furniture at Cheap Home Furniture.


A soothing bedroom leads to relaxation and a good night sleep. Choose soft colors from the same family that blend and are easy on your eyes. Just remember to keep things minimal so when your eye scans the room, it doesn't stop on one object and keeps visual clutter to a minimum.

Use soft lighting in the bedroom as it will help you wind down after a long day.

Do away with a lot of pillows and no stuffed animals or dolls except in a kid's room. You'll save time when you make the bed in the morning since you won't have to arrange all the extra pillows.

When you finish your bedroom organization, you will feel fantastic! An organized bedroom will calm you at the end of the day allowing you to sleep better at night. You will awake the next day more refreshed and rested... especially when you don't have to wake up to mounds of clutter anymore.

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