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Family life today is just crazy. We all seem to be running around, over-stressed, over-scheduled, over-worked, and under-paid! We all want and need to make our family and home life as sane and peaceful as possible. Learning how to organize your life will provide you with an immeasurable amount of sanity and peace.

Everyone is unique in their specific needs for getting organized. We all have different schedules, likes, dislikes, personalities, family size, needs, etc. All these special unique aspects need to be taken into account when we think about getting our lives organized.

On top of all that 'being organized' is a process. It's not something you achieve, rather it's something you maintain based on your family's personal needs. I know that sounds like a lot of work, but it's not. It's basically setting up good, sound organizational systems that work for your family and maintaining them.

Maintaining good systems of organization is simply changing from bad to good habits such as creating filing folders for each of your kid's important papers from school so you can find what you need fast. Placing hooks inside the entryway at kid level so everyone can hang up their own coats rather than throw them on the floor or the couch. Or, learning how to organize and use a mail organizer and stop dumping your mail into piles on the kitchen table or counter.

Eventually you won't be so overwhelmed with clutter and life will be a lot less stressful because forgetting a kid's doctor's appointment, parent teacher conference, not being able to find an important document, or not knowing what's for dinner at 5:00 p.m. can be stressful.

Think about what you want/need to change and improve upon, then create systems of organization that work for your family. Remember, use it, or lose it. If you don't use them, these good systems of organization won't work for you. Use them to your advantage, tweak them to your needs, and good organization will become a habit in no time!

Family Life Today - Health Care Issues

Health is wealth. You're nothing without your health. These two statements are so true, and nothing is more important than your health and that of your family.

Here are some articles to help you deal with your family's health related issues.

Personal Health Records
Health Organizer
Long Term Care Insurance
Routine Physical Exam Schedules for the Whole Family
Help with Medical Bills

Family Life Today - Emergency Preparedness

You can never over plan for an emergency. Learn how to prepare your family for an emergency with these 'how to' articles on emergency preparedness.

Emergency Action Plan
Emergency Preparedness Plan
Emergency Preparedness Checklist
Disaster Supply Kit
Evacuation Plan
Fire Evacuation Plan

Family Life Today - Homeschoolers

Many families are choosing to homeschool their children. Here are some resources to help make homeschooling your children easier and more beneficial for you and your family.

Homeschool Schedules
homeschool worksheets, free homeschool worksheets, home school mom, homeschool supplies, homeschool software, homeschool organizer 

Family Life Today - Photos and Keepsakes

Here are the best ways to organize and store all of your family's photos and precious keepsakes to enjoy and cherish.

Organize Photos
Organize Digital Photos
Scrapbook Organizer
Organize a Scrapbook Room

Family Life Today - Important Paperwork

Another excellent way to take care of your family is to have all of your important paperwork in order. Learn how to create an efficient home filing system to keep such items as vital records, bills, warranties, manuals, and even your mail organized and under control. Included you'll also find checklists for funeral planning and estate planning to ensure peace of mind for your family.

Home Filing System

Family Life Today - Organize Kids, Traveling with Kids, Get Ready for the New Baby, and the Family Organizer 

We all want to create special memories for our kids of their childhoods. Getting your family organized will eliminate many stressful situations, even some disciplinary issues with kids. Because being organized and having a schedule creates a serene environment for the family. Kids really need the structure that being organized and having a schedule brings. It gives them a greater sense of security knowing what's expected of them and what is going to happen next in their little lives.

Time invested now in getting your kids organized will pay you back ten-fold in time saved in the future!

Organize Kids
Family Organizer

Expecting a new bundle of joy soon? Relax, because you'll learn all you need to know on how to get ready for your new baby in the following newborn baby care article.

Newborn Baby Care

Remember how peaceful and relaxing it was to vacation alone or together as a couple? It seems the more kids I have, the more complicated and fun life becomes! I share my numerous tips for how to travel with kids and not only keep your sanity, but have fun, and make your family vacations memorable in:

Travel with Kids
Car Travel with Kids
Air Travel with a Baby
Air Travel with a Toddler
Budget Disneyland Vacations

Having trouble getting dinner on the table on time? Is your food budget out of control? Then be sure to check out quick and easy recipes for delicious, fast, economical, and healthy recipes your family will love!


Where would you like to go next? Would you like to learn how I was able to fire the babysitter and raise my kids myself while still earning an income? Check out how my passion has allowed me to become a work at home mom, and learn just how I transitioned from a Business Analyst working outside the home, to now a work at home mom!

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