Kid's Rooms Cleaning Tips

The same rules and tips for cleaning your bedroom apply to kid's rooms cleaning except you will probably at first have to do a declutter and a deeper clean which will take you a bit longer. Of course when kids are little, you'll be the one doing the cleaning, but as they get older, they should be cleaning their own rooms.

What parent hasn't cried "Clean your room!" in frustration? We all may have yelled this at least once, and it's okay, we're only human. Kid's rooms cleaning has been an ongoing issue and battle between generations for a long time. My mom used to get so frustrated with my oldest brother to clean his room (it was hands down, the dirtiest room in our home) she would just close the door. That worked for everyday, but when my grandparent's came to visit, it was another story.

Below are some guidelines for kid's rooms cleaning that will get them spiffy for visits from the grandparents.

A quick note on kids helping, get them involved early with age appropriate tasks. Although it may seem easier and quicker to do kid's rooms cleaning yourself, but you are actually costing yourself valuable time in the long run. Not to mention your kids will not learn to be independent and do things for themselves. That being said, a five year old can learn to use a Swiffer Duster, a ten year old can wear gloves and Pledge their furniture, you get the picture.

First and foremost, declutter. Go through everything that's on the floor, on the furniture, and anywhere it shouldn't be. Designate whether the items stays, goes, or is tossed. For the items that are staying, organize these into categories, and then create a place for everything.

For more information on organizing your kids and decluttering, see my page on organize kids.

Gather the following supplies.

  • Swiffer Duster
  • Pledge (use every other week)
  • Sprayway window cleaner
  • Micro fiber cloths (2)
  • Vacuum
  • Gloves to protect your hands

The Weekly Kid's Room Clean

Strip the bed of linens

Tidy up first putting away all clothes, jewelry, magazines, reading material, etc.

Dust everything with your Swiffer Duster starting at the top and work your way down (don't forget to dust the blinds if you have them)

Dust the baseboards once a month

Pledge all hardwood furniture every other week

Clean only the dirty portions of your windows with Sprayway and wipe with a micro fiber cloth (for more window cleaning tips, see my page on window cleaning.)

Vacuum only the traffic areas (vacuum under furniture only once a month or so)

Clean up any smudges on walls and doors with 409 or Mr. Clean's magic eraser

Wipe up the light switches and door knobs with 409

Some quick tips to clean kid's rooms everyday…

Make the bed! This will make you feel better instantly and makes getting in it at night much more pleasant. Only make one trip per side to make the bed. First straighten out the sheets on one side and pull the sheets and bedspread over to that side a little more. Move over to the other side of the bed and straighten it out and pull the sheets and bedspread over from the other side to straighten it all out and you're done. Making the bed this way only takes about a minute. During the winter when you use a comforter, making the bed will take even less time.

For spring cleaning do the following:

Wash your washable curtains

Vacuum non-washable curtains

Vacuum under the bed

Dust ceiling fans and clean light fixtures

Vacuum all the corners and edges of the room (this is needed to vacuum up spiders and their eggs to avoid future cobwebs and may need to be done every couple of months)

If you work quickly enough, the weekly bedroom clean will take you less than ten minutes.

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