Home Cleaning Tips that will Keep Your Home 90% Cleaner

Do you want two simple cleaning tips to keep your home clean? Then look to the high traffic areas such as entryways first, and get a handle on the dirt.

Your home will stay 90% cleaner if you follow these two home cleaning tips immediately!

  • Use good high quality mats inside and outside your home
  • Make sure to remove your shoes before entering your home

That's all that it takes to keep your home 90% cleaner!


Place an Astro Turf outdoor mat like this on the outside of your home. Place it lengthwise, so people will have to take at least two to three steps on the mat before entering your home.

Do the same on the inside with an indoor mat like this.

By placing these outdoor and indoor mats lengthwise, people will have to take a few strides before entering your home, all the while wiping stuff off their feet.

I use these mats for every entryway to my home and it really cuts down on the dirt entering my home.

Remove Those Shoes!

Removing your shoes when you get home is one of the best home cleaning tips to keep dirt out of your home in the first place.

For the inevitable dirt and dust that does enter our homes, vacuum high traffic areas at least twice a week with a thorough vacuuming once a week. If you have wood, tile, or linoleum floors, then you can use a dust mop. These mops are great because they come with a microfiber dust pad for dry dusting and a microfiber scrub pad for wet mopping. You can even use the dry pad to dust walls. Both pads are reusable, just toss in the washer to clean up.

Home Cleaning Tips for Hand and Fingerprints on Walls

Hand and fingerprints on walls used to drive me crazy until I discovered Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser sponges. Use the white side of these sponges while damp to "erase" smudges and marks from your walls, while the dry sponge side dries it up.

Another great non-toxic alternative to getting your walls smudge free is to take an ordinary sponge that's a little damp and apply a little bit of toothpaste. Work this into the mark until it's gone and you have a great way to remove marks and smudges from your walls that's in your cabinets right now.

One day I was sitting in our new home and glanced down the hallway. I noticed two marks at two different heights that went all the way down the hallway. I thought it odd since the house was freshly painted and I quickly became irritated and started to blame the movers. After a day or two, I noticed my two toddlers would go down the hallway all the while running their hands along the wall!

My mom suggested I paint the hall with a good quality paint in an eggshell finish. I did this with all my high traffic areas (kid's rooms too), and they now look great and clean up quickly. The walls don't look really shiny and cheap like a semi gloss or gloss finish and most of all; smudges and hand prints clean up like a breeze.

These quick easy home cleaning tips have helped me keep my home up to 90% cleaner and I definitely know they will work for you too!

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