Dry Hair Treatment Tips

Dry hair treatment is a must because dry, parched, damaged hair is anything but beautiful. And, when your hair doesn't look great, it can throw off your whole look no matter how beautiful your clothes and accessories look.

Here's a simple routine to get your hair shiny, healthy, and manageable too. This dry hair treatment routine will take about forty-five minutes max and involves two steps as follows: 1) Use a clarifying shampoo and 2) Deep conditioner. That's it to beautiful, shiny, luxurious hair!

How often you treat your hair to a good cleaning and conditioning depends on if you color it and the overall condition of your hair.

As a starting point, you'll want to use a hair stripping shampoo and deep conditioner every week to every other week depending on your individual needs.

I like to use either Bumble & Bumble Sunday Shampoo or Redken Hair Cleansing Cream Shampoo to strip off old products such as hairspray and gels. Stripping old product off hair is a must before a deep condition because it allows the conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft.

Next, you'll squeeze out all the excess moisture from your hair after it's been rinsed and towel dried. I like to keep a Aquis Microfiber Hair Towel hanging right outside my shower or on the door to quickly grab.

Now apply a conditioner from the roots to the ends and lightly work into your scalp to condition your scalp too. I really like and recommend Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Treatment, in fact, any product from Schwarzkopf is excellent.

dry hair treatment

After applying the conditioner, put a Plastic Processing Cap on your head for 30 minutes to process. After 30 minutes, rinse thoroughly finishing with a cold water rinse to seal the hair shafts. Towel dry and style as usual. Your hair will be soft, manageable, and shiny.

Again, a good rule of thumb for this hair treatment is to do this every week or every other week depending on whether or not you chemical treat your hair and the condition of your hair. And, if you color your hair, remember to schedule this treatment right before because deep conditioned hair soaks up color much better than dry brittle hair.

Another hair care must is to keep running appointments with your hair dresser. This way the next hair appointment is on your calendar waiting for you. Now with regular hair cuts and dry hair treatments, your hair will look fresh and as gorgeous as you, not frizzy and dry.

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