Benefits To Exercise

You may be asking why as a professional organizer do I have a section on the benefits to exercise? Well, because being healthy has such an overall positive impact on your life that I've included a section on exercise.

The benefits of exercise are compounding. It not only burns fat, it releases mood enhancing chemicals in our brains, and it gives us energy to accomplish much more than we ever could if we stayed sedentary.

Knowing that most if not all of us are over-scheduled and don't have much time for exercise, the following pages will provide some tips, hints, and even a free exercise program that you can combine with what you're already doing now, or use to squeeze in the workouts we all need so much.

Basic Work Out Tips will provide you with information that everyone needs to have an effective injury free workout.

You'll also learn how Walking for Exercise is one of the best exercises you can do for your health. I've also added links to my favorite 'exercise' shoes. You know the shoes 'that give you a workout while you walk'. Well, I wear these types of shoes everyday and yes, they do work.

Next we'll take a look at Medicine Ball Exercises which will explain how this great 'old-school' exercise tool will sculpt a sexy and lean new you in no time.

Another oldie, but goodie is the Kettlebell Workout which is a fun, explosive, fast paced, and super effective workout.

And, last but not least... Cardio Exercises. Love them or hate them, one of the best endorphin producing exercises is cardio exercises. Learn the best cardio exercises and how to beat boredom while blasting fat!

The benefits to exercise are immense once you fully embrace exercise as part of your normal daily routine. You'll have more energy and stamina to conquer daily life, and yes, it will help you be a more organized person overall!

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