Organize Garden Tools

Learn how to organize garden tools with the tips on this page. Garden tools are, let's face it, hard to organize. The rakes, garden hoes, shovels, etc. all tend to get thrown in the corner of the garden shed or garage. Only to fall down and get tangled with each other.

It's important to keep your garden tools organized, cleaned, and readily accessible because who wants to do yard work when they have to fight to find the garden rake?

Your garden or front yard says a lot about your home. It's typically called 'curb appeal' and can distinguish your house from one that looks well kept to one that's shabby and in need of help. Keeping your garden tools neat and organized will help you get the 'curb appeal' you want.

To keep garden tools organized, you should:

  • Have the right tools on hand
  • Keep multiples of certain tools if your garden is large
  • Keep garden tools all in one place
  • Organize them so they're easy to find
  • Create your own organizer, or buy a garden tool organizer

How many times have you wanted to work in the yard only to find your garden tools a dis-organized mess, or even missing? Are shovels tangled with rakes and brooms? Is your garden spade out in the middle of the yard all rusted out? How about your rake, are teeth missing from being broken off in the tangled mess?

If this frustrating scenario sounds all too familiar, then please read on for some excellent tips to organize garden tools.

Effective Ways to Organize Garden Tools

Your home says a lot about you. A clean, well organized, and well kept home projects a positive image, and provides clues about your personal style. The same is true of your yard and garden. Not to mention a well kept yard helps boost property values.

The area around your home is just as important as the house itself. Consider your yard an outdoor living area where you can relax, lift your mood, and breathe in clean air. We all need a bit of time outdoors. Consider how you feel on rainy days when you're stuck inside; it can feel a bit smothering to be stuck inside, and a stroll through a well kept garden is a great way to lift your spirits.

It can be tough to know the best way to organize garden tools when you want to enjoy and take good care of your garden. How can you get keep garden tools organized with so many different objects to store near your garden area?

First, realize that it's important to store all of your gardening supplies in one place. If your shears are in the basement, your shovel is in the shed, and your wheel barrow is in the garage, you'll spend precious time just trying to round things up when you could be working on a project. Plus, it's easy to forget where things are if you don't keep them all together. You may wind up losing patience and abandoning your project entirely.

A lot of people choose to organize garden tools in the garage. This could be a good solution depending on the layout and location of your garage, but if you don't keep your tools organized, this is just as bad as having your supplies in multiple locations. Start by hanging long tools on the wall and keeping smaller tools together in a box set aside for this purpose.

If you have a large garden, it's a good idea to put your tools in strategic locations while you work. This way, you won't have to circle the yard several times when you need a particular tool. This means that you should keep on hand a few pieces of each frequently used gardening tool. But if it's not in your budget or your garden is small, you can do fine with one set.

In order to prevent losing your tools in tall grass, plants, or foliage, paint the handles with a special bright paint, or wrap them with neon tape. You can get these supplies at any tool or home and garden store.

Another way to organize garden tools is to buy a garden tool organizer for this purpose. This can be a great investment to help you save time and get right to work on your gardening projects.

There are all kinds of ways to organize garden tools, whether you do it yourself or buy a garden tool organizer. The best way to go about it is to do what is most practical for the layout and size of your garden, the storage space you have available, and your own lifestyle.

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