Garage Sale Tips

There are a number of successful garage sale tips that can help you make a bit of extra cash after you've decluttered your home. Here are some of the most important suggestions to make your sale a success:

  • Choose the day and date carefully
  • Have a large inventory and sell everything
  • Advertise in print and online
  • Pay attention to presentation
  • Be friendly and attentive to customers

A garage sale is a great way to help you earn money while you declutter your home. But, it isn't as simple as throwing a bunch of old junk on some tables outside and waiting for the money to come rolling in. A successful garage sale requires a bit of planning and know how, but with the right approach, you could earn a tidy sum while getting rid of the stuff you don't need. Here are some important garage sale tips to get you started.

When it comes to garage sale tips, the first and perhaps the most important is choosing when to hold your garage sale. You'll want to make sure to schedule it at a time when you can turn your full attention to the sale. Avoid scheduling it during a holiday weekend or other day when people are likely to stay indoors with their families. Typically, spring and summer are the best times for a garage sale, and Fridays and Saturdays are the best days of the week. Sundays tend to be comparatively slow.

A better selection will garner you more shoppers. Consider teaming up with one or more families for a multi-family garage sale. People are more likely to flock to your sale if you have a greater selection of items. The more families that participate, the more treasures shoppers are likely to find.

When deciding which items to sell, don't throw anything away. Some garage sale tips claim you can only sell certain items, but you'd be amazed what people will buy. One man's trash is another man's treasure, after all. If items are worn or need repair, mark them down appropriately. If the price is low enough, someone will buy. You might not think much of selling your old band t-shirts at rock bottom prices, but each one you sell is a few more pennies in your pocket and one less item cluttering up your home.

Make sure to take advantage of the season as well. If you plan to sell luggage or travel gear, do it just before peak travel season. For garage sales early in the season, focus on summer items. For end of the summer sales, focus on weather appropriate and back to school items. Once you get into a groove of having seasonal garage sales, you'll be able to gauge what items you should save, and exactly how long you should hold onto them so that they'll be perfect for the season.

Advertising is another important aspect when it comes to successful garage sale tips. Road signs are a always good idea, but these days, many would-be garage sale shoppers are looking online. Advertise in your local newspaper, which will often run your ad online and in print, and at sites like the ever popular Craigslist. Be honest about what you're selling, and give a run down on the types of items you'll be carrying (toys, baby and kids clothes, housewares, etc.).

Presentation is another critical part of garage sale success. Keep your best merchandise front and center to attract shoppers. String attractive clothing on a clothesline, and set up card tables with neatly folded merchandise. Be sure to have an electrical outlet handy so people can test your wares. If there isn't one handy, you can use a sturdy outdoor extension cord.

Sell like items in sets, for example kitchenware and linens will sell more quickly if you bundle them in sets. Rather than selling glasses for fifty cents each, sell a set of four for $3.00. But books, CDs, and other kinds of media sell best when marked individually. Also remember that people respond best when prices are marked, rather than simply haggling. If you are having a multi-day garage sale, you may want to slash prices on the last day.

Make sure you have plenty of change on hand. Visit the bank the day before your garage sale and get plenty of $1's and pocket change to be able to make change for your customers.

Perhaps the most important of the garage sale tips is to be friendly and responsive to your customers. Make sure you smile and acknowledge their presence. Take the opportunity to enjoy interacting with people. Make your garage sale fun! While the items you're selling are an important part of your success, the customer service you provide is equally important.

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