How to Sell Online:
Organize Your Home
and Earn Some Cash

Learning how to sell online is a simple process. Regardless of whether you use an auction site, a seller marketplace, or an online announcement, there are some things that can help you effectively sell items online.

  • Choose the venue wisely
  • Build a feedback score
  • Provide a photograph that accurately depicts the items
  • Describe the item accurately
  • Provide details about the terms of the transaction

You've gone through your things, and you're ready to earn cash for the items you no longer want. After all, you've got some things in perfectly good shape, they just weren't working for you. That's not to say someone else wouldn't love to buy them from you! Instead of going with the garage sale or consignment shop route, you've decided you'd like to tap into the huge online market. If this is your first time using the internet to sell your wares, here are some easy tips for how to sell online successfully.

First, pick your online venue appropriately. There are auction sites, like eBay, as well as seller marketplaces like the one you find on Amazon, and free posting sites like Craigslist that let you sell your items for free. The venue you choose will depend on the kind of items you're selling. If you're selling something that is sought after and somewhat rare, eBay is the best place to go. This way, you can let people battle it out over a hot item. Amazon is a great place for books, and Craigslist is the way to go if you have large items that are difficult to ship, since the buyer can pay cash and pick up the item in person.

Once you've chosen a venue, you'll need to create an account there if you don't already have one. Amazon and eBay also have a user rating system, and you'll have a better chance of effectively selling online at these sites if you have a bit of positive feedback. While it may seem like a hassle to get started, building up a good feedback score will help you in your future online sales. Interested buyers are more likely to bid or purchase your item if prior transactions indicate that you are a trustworthy seller.

Next, you'll want to photograph your items. If you are selling items in lots, such as clothing of a certain size or sets of dishes, try not to include so many items that the photo looks cluttered. While a photograph isn't strictly necessary, most people will want visual confirmation that the items are in good condition. A photo isn't always necessary; it depends on the conventions of the venue you choose, and the type of items you're selling. Use your judgment when it comes to photos.

Once you've taken the photos, you'll want to create an online listing. Be sure to include the asking price (or minimum bid), along with a brief and honest description of the item. Describe in detail any flaws along with your assessment of the item's condition. Make sure potential buyers have a way to contact you, and include information on the types of payment you will accept and shipping options, if applicable.

While you can host your own website very inexpensively, it doesn't make sense to start a personal online storefront for most people, especially if you're just selling the occasional miscellaneous item. Unless you are willing to put work into starting a consignment or online thrift shop, you probably won't get very much exposure from potential buyers with this route.

When it comes to learning how to sell online, the most important factors are selling a quality item using the proper online venue. By creating an appealing photo and description and reasonably pricing your item, you increase your chances of earning money while at the same time getting rid of clutter from your home.

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