Organize It Mom March 2010

  • New Goal for the Month - Spring Cleaning
  • What's New at - get your car organized!
  • This months organizing tip - simplify life by first fixing what's not working and driving you crazy

Goal for the month... Spring cleaning!

Spring is in the air, and if you're anything like me, you don't look forward to Spring cleaning. Unfortunately it's something that must be done, and once it's done, your home will be sparkling clean and you'll feel great.

The trick to Spring cleaning is to do a little bit at a time... all year long. It's easier to break cleaning down into smaller, more manageable projects, it's better for your family's health, and prolongs the life of furniture, drapes, and carpet.

Just add in a deep cleaning item that would normally be part of Spring cleaning to your weekly cleaning routine. For instance, I'll vacuum the drapes once a month, then next week I'll vacuum the couches, I'll add in dusting ceiling fans every couple of months... you get the point.

Deep cleaning more often produces a cleaner, healthier home. It also takes less time to clean this way since things stay cleaner, you won't have to scrub off dirt and grime build up like you would if you only deep cleaned once a year. In addition, taking proper care to regularly clean and vacuum furniture, drapes, and carpet will definitely prolong their life. Dirt stains fabric and carpet and wears it out because it gets ground into the fibers causing them to fray. You can actually see carpet in high traffic areas that fray and mat together because of dirt... Yuck!

It's a good idea to vacuum furniture and carpet regularly. I like to quickly vacuum my high traffic areas once a day. It's also a good idea to clean your carpets yourself or have them professionally cleaned once, or twice a year depending on the usage.

Check out my house cleaning tips at for info on how to clean every room and area of your home, even deep cleaning tips too. Be sure to also check out cleaning high traffic areas and learn how to keep the dirt from entering your home keeping it that much cleaner, which means less work for you!

Make it a goal to pick a few deep cleaning projects and rotate them into your cleaning routine each week, and you'll have clean, spotless home in no time.

In this Issue - What's New at Life Organize It

Car Organizer is a new page that will give you excellent tips on the different types of car organizers available to help clean out and contain the clutter in your car at

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This months organizing tip - simplify life by first fixing what's not working and driving you crazy.

When your life feels out of control and you don't know where to start organizing, start small and look at what's driving you crazy and fix it!

Home is my realm, and if something doesn't 'feel right', then I change it quickly.

For instance, my husband and I have one vehicle now that he drives a company car, and he drives my SUV on the weekends. He's a bit more casual about organizing and cleaning than I am. Now mind you, I keep stuff pretty well organized keeping the 'kids stuff' contained, a first aid kit, reusable grocery bags, a well stocked diaper bag, the stroller, etc... I like to be ready for a messy diaper at all times!

Well, when my husband goes skiing on the weekends, he unloads all my stuff and dumps it all over the garage. Then when I go to take the kids to school on Monday, everything is missing. Between making sure my four kids have their jackets, shoes, backpacks and lunches, I have absolutely little to no time repack the SUV with life's necessities.

I took some time to regroup and reorganize this situation.

I took a Sterilite clear plastic bin like these Sterilite Bin - 66 Qt. (2 PACK) and loaded it with everything I needed to keep on hand... diapers, wipes, first aid, grocery bags, household wipes, a couple of bottles of water, trail mix, etc. Now if my husband wants to unload it, he only has to grab the bin, and the rule is that when the SUV is back in the garage, the bin goes back in it too.

The next thing that was driving me crazy were our shoes. Organizing several pairs of shoes for six people is not easy especially when I have everyone keep them in the garage. Even though I had bought a three tier shoe organizer, we were tripping over and losing shoes constantly. So, I bought six 'milk crate' type bins like these Sterilite Plastic Crate and stacked them in easily accessible shelves right outside the back door. Yeah! No more tripping over shoes to get into the house, and each person has a their own bin, so even the little kids can find their shoes and put them back too!

These are just two small examples of looking at a problem that is driving you crazy, finding a quick solution, and solving it right then and there. Bottom line, think about simplifying your life by first looking at what's not working, plan a solution to solve it, and implement it!

Have a wonderful month!

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