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Home Office Organization.

Home office organization is vital to your home based businesses’ success. Do you waste valuable time clearing off space on your desk in your home office just to work?

A messy unorganized home office space can not only zap you of time, but energy and attitude too! Valuable energy you need for yourself and your family. Who wants to walk around tired, discouraged with a bad attitude? No one!

To keep productivity levels high when working at home, make home office organization a priority. This can be hard because when you're at home versus a dedicated office space in the outside world, other areas of life can sneak in. Don’t let them and you will maintain a high level of energy and focus that you can put into your business increasing productivity levels!

Now, once you’ve followed all the tips on the pages listed below and have a good system of organization in place and are able to maintain it, you will increase productivity and save time. Time lost trying to find things and time lost clearing off your desk just to work! Your energy will no longer be drained from a messy office space and your attitude will soar!

But, remember when you start home office organization don’t get discouraged as it can be overwhelming and draining to just think about. It doesn’t have to be this way because we’re going to walk through it step by step, the easy way. So, take control of home office organization now with these easy tips:

  • Declutter
  • Categorize what is left over
  • Then organize what is left over… all the time keeping in mind the purpose of the space we’re organizing

We’ll also simplify the process further by breaking down the home office into the following areas and applying the three principles listed above to each, make organizing the home office easier:

Paperwork and filing systems (or lack thereof)

What do you do with all that paperwork (what do you need to keep and how long?)



Office storage

When you’re done, you will have created a system of organization for each of these that will eliminate clutter and keep you organized and productive.

And remember to keep the personal stuff out of your home office. You’ll want to separate and segregate your personal stuff from your professional stuff. Don’t allow your personal bills, kid’s schoolwork, personal mail, etc. to creep into your home office space. You will maintain focus better if your home office space is dedicated strictly to home office stuff.

You’ll also want to maintain your home office space on a daily basis. Keep it simple and each day you should spend about 10 minutes keeping the office space well organized. Go through the mail and toss, file, or act on it. At the end of the day, throw away things you don't need and reorganize your desk before you quit working. Also, be sure to write out a "To Do list" at the end of each day so when you walk into your office the next morning, you'll have a handy reminder list of things to work on.

Let’s get started by clicking on a link below…

Organizing Paperwork (important tips to clear the paper clutter and find out what you need to keep and for how long.)

Desk Organization (clear off your desk and let it breath!)

Home Office Storage Solutions

Organize Computer Files (clear out all the clutter and make your computer run faster!)

Effective time management helps maintain an organized home office. Be honest - Are you procrastinating about cleaning your office? Taming Time shares helpful tips for overcoming procrastination.

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