Home Office Storage Solutions

You need to utilize home office storage that is appropriate for your unique needs to keep up a good system of home office organization. This could be either closed or open storage, or both depending on your needs.

After you moved through the declutter and categorize process of organizing your home office, you were left with piles of stuff. Now that you've dealt with the piles of paper and have a good system of file storage going, you'll now move onto storing all the pens, pencils, reams of paper, and other "stuff" you found during your declutter.

Look at what's left to organize and plan accordingly. For instance, if you have a lot of odds and ends to store, you may want to think about closed storage so you can close the doors to minimize the clutter on your eyes.

Keep in mind when using closed storage that you will still need to categorize items and organize accordingly. Use boxes and baskets labeled with what's inside to store extra pens, pencils, ink cartridges, etc.

If you opt for open storage, install shelving and use an assortment of nice looking boxes and baskets to keep your supplies orderly and easily accessible.

Read on for a simple example of how I utilized a good system of organization for a client's home office storage needs.

I utilized both closed and open storage for this client. First we tackled all her odds and ends that needed to be categorized and stored. So we purchased a nice armoire cabinet on clearance to store all her extra supplies in.

I installed a couple of wire shelves inside the cabinet for extra shelving and put a few storage baskets inside. She now stores all her reams of paper, extra manila folders, extra hanging files, pens, pencils, sticky notes, ink cartridges, envelopes, stationary, etc. all tucked away nice and neat behind close doors!

This client uses a lot of reference and reading material that she needs quick access to on a daily basis. So, we utilized open storage by installing shelves next to her desk to store her reading materials along with pens and pencils in an old favorite mug. She also keeps a stack of sticky notes and a writing pad to jot down quick notes.

These shelves are all within easy reach of her desk so she doesn't have to constantly get up and down to get what she needs.

This is just one example of the many ways you can design your home office storage. Design your storage space in your home office around how you work and what your work requires of you. Think about your day and streamline the storage in your office space around it and you're guaranteed to increase productivity!

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