Hat Storage and Display

by Laurie
(Evergreen Park, IL )

I have many hats b/c I get migraines when air conditioners or heaters or fans blow on me, so I wear them a lot for church, shopping, etc. and now have quite a collection on my dresser. I keep a lot of them upside down b/c that way I can stack them without them crushing. I have so many hats + some clutter that it is hard to see my dresser top. I need some ideas for hanging/storing about 10 hats on the wall that doesn't look cluttered. I think now I have about 10 on the dresser and 4 in blanket storage containers. Most of them have wide brims and are straw, though I have a few more wintery wool/felt ones. Thanks!

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Jul 06, 2011
Hanging hats
by: Anonymous

I am very light sensitive and wear hats all the time. I actually made a braided line with clothes pins braided in the line and then hang them from the ceiling. That way I can see all my hats at once. It is a little hard on some of my nicer hats, but hasn't been a bit problem.

Jun 03, 2011
Comments for Storing Hat Collection
by: Samantha

Hi Laurie, depending on your decorating tastes, you could do a lot with your hat collection.

Think about how you want to position the ten hats on the wall. Lay them out on the floor in a pattern you'd like to display on the wall. I do this with photo and art displays prior to hanging on a wall. It just gives you a better perspective of how things will look on a wall before driving a nail.

You can get wall hooks from any number of places depending on your style and preference. Check eBay, thrift stores, etc. I personally like shabby chic or french country looks when hanging things on the wall. You can always spray paint hooks for a fun look.

For the rest of the hats, and or off season hats, store these in big clear plastic bins in the closet. My husband loves hats and I keep all of his hats stacked inside one another to avoid crushing them in a big plastic tub in the top of our hall closet. Hope this helps!

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