Help, dorm room organiation?

by anonymous

heres a pic of my dorm room :)

heres a pic of my dorm room :)

Hello, I'm moving into my dorm room soon and I'm wondering what are some ways I can get and stay organized in such a small space?

In particular, I'm having trouble with the closet and desk areas. I have a lot of clothes, shoes, purses, etc....

What are some great solutions to organize my handbags, hanging clothes, shoes, and class paperwork?

Please help, and thank you very much!

p.s. the beds are loftable and I plan on putting the dresser drawers/desk under my bed after I raise it up :)

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Aug 19, 2010
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by: Samantha

How exciting! I know I'm weird, but the new school year is always so much fun to me. New chance to get better grades, meet new people, it's a new start! Anyways, it looks like you have a good sized dorm room (as good a size as they get) and closet to keep everything organized nice and neat. Personally, I like open spaces, so I would definitely 'loft' your bed keeping the desk and dresser underneath. A nice rug in the middle of the room will definitely make the room more inviting, and maybe even a nice place to grab a quick workout in!

For clothes and shoes, think seasonal! Store your out of season clothes and shoes either at home or under your bed in storage containers made for under bed storage.

Utilize an inexpensive double hanger to maximize hanging space in your closet. Store your shoes in an over the door hanger on the back of your dorm room door. Or, better yet, store them in inexpensive shelves, or in clear plastic containers at the top of your closet. You don't need a lot of shoes for school. You need comfortable shoes for walking to an from class, some for workouts, and a couple of nice pairs for going out. Leave the rest at home and enjoy the extra space.

Your closet already has shelving in it so, definitely use it to fold sweaters, tops, and jeans.

You'll definitely want to utilizes hanging storage items such as over and behind the door racks to air dry your bath towels in between showers.

For your desk, use inexpensive plastic drawers on top to store your office supplies and school papers. I used to carry a couple of binders for school. One binder for MWF classes and another for Tues/Thurs classes. This way you're not carrying around extra paperwork. On Mondays you grab the MWF binder, on Tuesdays, you grab the Tues./Thurs. binder.

Keep each class paperwork in its associated binder separated by simple dividers. Over flowing paperwork you don't want to carry around, but still need can easily be stored away in a labeled manila folder in hanging files, or the plastic drawers mentioned above.

There's also 'bed pockets' that you can hang off the end of your bed to capture odds and ends such as toiletries.

Just remember to keep it all simple. You don't need a ton of clothes, shoes, and purses (which, by the way you can store in old pillow cases, stacked side by side in milk crate type storage containers on the very top of your closet behind the closed doors). Think about what you really need and use on a daily basis and create a space for each of these items. No one wants to be stressed out... late for class... searching for that perfect pair of shoes and purse! Heck, by my Junior year, we'd go to a 7:00 a.m. class in our pajamas we were so tired! And, you know what, no one cared!

I hope this helps. Take care and good luck in the new school year!

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