How do I organize spiral bound notebooks

by Cindy
(Miami, FL)

Help! My spiral bound books do NOT stay upright on my bookshelves and they are slipping and sliding all over and ruining any organization that I created in the first place. Most of these are paperback reference manuals that I use in my teaching prep, so I need them handy. What is the best solution for these? Cindy

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Jun 25, 2010
Comments on How to Organize Sprial Bound Notebooks
by: Anonymous

Hi Cindy, Samantha here. The easiest and simplest way to organize those unruly notebooks is with magazine organizers. These are great! Just 'Google' magazine organizers and you'll see a variety of these. They come in cardboard, plastic, wire, and even wicker too. They will keep all of your notebooks standing upright.

You can purchase these organizers with labels to categorize and organize all of your notebooks.

You can also purchase three ring binders to store your spiral bound notebooks, but then you have the inconvenience of having to open and close the binder every time you go to grab a notebook. Or, you could simply stack the notebooks on their sides, and not purchase anything. But, that's definitely not as handy and organized as using a magazine organizer that will stand your notebooks upright for you to quickly grab when needed.

Hope this helps, take care, Samantha.

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