How much does it cost to paint a room?

by Lewis Davies

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My name is Lewis Davies, I work on the editorial side of, a website focused on home improvement.

We are putting together cost guides to help consumers on their purchasing decisions.

Based on our research, the average cost of painting a room of 12'x12' is $300. Do you agree?

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Lewis Davies
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Feb 06, 2011
comments for Anonymous - does estimate include moldings such as windowsills, doors, etc.?
by: Samantha

Here's the long answer:

Yes, typically the average estimate provided includes those items. It's usually a given, but, as with any bid... never assume. Always confirm what's included.

Remember, it's an average. If the moldings are pretty bad meaning they need a lot of patch, sanding, and painting, you're looking at the high end of the bid, or maybe even more. That's why it's always good to confirm what's included in the bid.

My last house was built in the 1930's and the moldings had seen a lot of wear over the years. When I got a bid from a local painter to paint the interior of my home, I confirmed the moldings would be included. When the painter got done, I wasn't at all happy with the work. He did some patching here and there, but it have the 'crisp and clean' look I had in mind. It looked a few grades up from 'shabby chic'.

When I questioned him and reminded him that the moldings were indeed part of the original bid, he responded, "Yes, they were, but if you want them to look brand new like when the house was built... that would cost you thousands of dollars."

The message to take away from this story, is to again, always confirm what you're getting and yes, the average quote of $300 for a 12 x 12 room between ($200 - $400) includes moldings and is just an average and everyone's painting needs will be different.

Feb 02, 2011
my thoughts on ur estimate
by: Anonymous

I agree with your average estimate for painting 12×12 room. But you didn't specified if it included painting the woodwork / doors,baseboard,window stool?

Jun 02, 2010
Comments on Average Cost of Painting a Room
by: Samantha

Hi Lewis, yes, you're correct, the average cost to have a room professionally painted is $300. That being said, you're typically going to have to buy the paint and maybe even the supplies yourself. This is actually a good thing because you can control the quality of the paint and supplies used. Now to control costs and make sure you buy everything you need at once, ask the contractor to meet you at the paint store. They'll be able to specify the quantity of paint needed along with supplies, and you should be able to purchase these using their contractor's discount saving you a lot of money.

One last quick note, if the cost range for a room that's 12x12 is $200 - $400, and you include the ceiling in the bid, you can expect to pay on the higher end of this range.

I hope this helps. Take care, Samantha

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