How to deal with plenty of space for plenty of files--why declutter?

by PaulPablo777
(Logan, UT, USA)

I'm considering whether I should clean up the docs on my computer.

I am close to 40 years old and have accumulated a lot of docs, photos(jpgs), and videos I've made.

Does it make sense to declutter? People assume you must get rid of what you don't need.

Why should I delete something if I have room for it?

Take a 2 Terabyte hard drive, it holds around 2,000 gigs. The average person has no more than 5 gigs. Now, I have accumulated a lot of docs, jpgs, etc. over the years and I only have 39 gigs. I can literally have 50 times that amount to reach the 2 terabytes.

I figure I only have 3 times my age to live (maximum). So perhaps at the current rate I will reach a maximum of 150 gigs MAX. So, surely in this day of age we must not say we do not have room for files.

So my point in explaining that I have space is to pose my next question: why should I delete the files? If clutter deals with a person's thoughts then surely it applies in this case as well.
My conclusion is to seek further opinions on the decluttering aspect and whether it is important for me to delete the files that I think aren't important.

I believe that there is no need to preserve space because there is plenty of space.

The assumption people are holding onto is that WE MUST DUCLUTTER---and I want to see how that advice works with my 40 gigs of computer documents when I have a 2,000 gig hard drive.

I sincerely and humbly ask for respectful opinions.

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Nov 22, 2010
Comments for 'Why Declutter?'
by: Samantha

I guess it depends. It all depends on your personality. If you can 'organize' yourself better by decluttering, then by all means do it. If you can 'organize' yourself without decluttering then don't do it.

I'm an avid declutterer (if that's a word), and you know, over the past year, I can think of several occasions where I've gone to look for something only to realize I've tossed, or donated the item. I may start rethinking the way I go about decluttering so I don't have to replace what I've tossed. But, I can say that without worrying about turning into a 'hoarder' because my personality allows me to be more organized so I won't end up buried alive in 'stuff'.

This past month I read in the magazine "Whole Living" a quote about Einstein's desk as follows..." 'If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, of what then is an empty desk a sign?' Einstein formulated the theories that would change physics during moments stolen from his job in a patent office, 'that worldly cloister where I hatched all my most beautiful ideas.' Albert Einstein."

There you have it... the genius Einstein required clutter to work!

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