How to Organize Several Different Sizes of Clothes and a Book Collection on a Limited Budget

by Margo
(St. Louis MO)

Hi! I am in my late 50's and have always gone up and down in weight. I have MS and go through several week periods where I am too tired to maintain household chores so things get really bad.

I have clothes in many sizes and some are very nice. I can not afford to buy new clothes often so I would like to save the really good ones, but this still leaves my closet too crowded.Any good ideas for storing them?

I also have tons of books and many bookcases but they are on different floors and I can't always walk up and down stairs.

I have a very limited budget. Thanks!

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Jul 09, 2010
by: Anonymous

Great suggestions- Thanks!

Jul 06, 2010
Comments on How to Organize Books and Clothing
by: Samantha

Hi Margo. Sounds like you need some clothes and book storage hints!

For the clothes storage, I'd treat these like you would seasonal clothing (store the items you're not wearing away). Store all the clothes you're not currently wearing in big clear plastic bins and label what's inside. For instance, 'Sweaters size medium', and the clear bins will also allow you to see inside.

You'll want to store these where you'll have easy access to them. Either clear out some space in an extra closet, or store these in the corner of an extra bedroom. I know the general preference is to store these out of sight, but if they're neatly tucked in a corner, and you're not feeling good, you're still able to access them, and you can close the door to the bedroom!

Now for the books. We share a love for books and you'll want to keep the books wherever you're going to use them. For instance, If you like to read upstairs, have someone help you clear a space for all your bookcases upstairs. Same goes if you'd rather spend your time downstairs. Now, if you're like me and don't have room for all of your books on one floor of your house, then you'll want to keep the books you reference/read the most wherever you are in the house, and store the other books you don't read so often in the other part of your home. If that still doesn't work for you, then get a basket and once you're done with your favorite books, put them in the basket, and at the end of the week have someone else carry and put away your books for you (just make sure it's done regularly, or they'll get out of hand).

As for your household chores, see if you can get some help maybe every other week to do the 'big cleaning' of your home. That way you can do the light cleaning and pick up in between.

I wish you the best, Samantha.

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