I need help organizing my home but don't know where to start

by Tammy
(Irmo, SC)

I feel like my entire house is cluttered and has lots of things that we don't need or want but I don't know how to start because every single room needs to be tackled -

I have lots of junk drawers that need to go but I don't know how to get rid of them because I want to keep some of the items and don't know anywhere else to put the stuff.

I really need to clean out the garage - it doesn't really have that much stuff in it just looks very disorganized.

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Sep 23, 2011
Comments to Help Get a Home Organized
by: Samantha

Here's what you need to do in three simple steps: 1. Declutter, 2. Categorize what's left over, & 3. Organize the categories. What makes it hard is perfectionism. If you're like me, you want it all done right now & perfectly, which is not realistic.

First off you're going to declutter before doing anything else because the clutter is what's overwhelming you.

Start in the heart of the home, the kitchen and spend just 30 minutes a day decluttering. Who cares if it takes you more than a month to declutter it? What would it look like a month from now if you didn't declutter it.

Get a box for items you're going to keep, another one for items to donate, and the trash can. Every item needs to make it into one of these.

Once you've decluttered, then and only then, move onto steps 2 & 3.

Remember step 2 is to categorize the items you're going to keep. Keep like things go together. Different categories can be non-perishable food items, pots & pans, glasses, dishes, towels, etc.

Step 3 it to organize those categories. When you get to the organizing stage, you want to think about the purpose of the space you're organizing. For instance, if you're organizing the counter tops, think about their purpose. Do you do a lot of meal prep and need substantial counter space, if so, then clear them off storing seldom used appliances, keeping only the necessities out. Capture any lose items that you'd like to keep out in nice baskets, bins, or trays.

Same 1,2, 3 steps apply to the garage.

With anything the hardest part is getting started. But, breaking it down into just 30 minutes a day makes it manageable & doable.

The process is kind of magical once the clutter is cleared. You gain momentum, you can see what you have, what needs to be organized, and how. It definitely gets easier.

Now, once you have systems of organization in place, you'll modify them as needed to fit your needs. Then it's a simple process to keep your home picked up and decluttered by using these systems of organization.

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