I need help with storaing clothes to be ironed

by Michelle

This problem has vexed me for years...where do you store all the family's clothes that need ironing?

I am married and two of my three young adult children live at home. One has just moved out so her room is now becoming the spare room/study.

The two kids left at home each have laundry hampers in their rooms for clothes that need ironing.

My husband and I each have a hamper for our ironing in our bedroom.

I would like any suggestions on organizing laundry and ironing.

p.s. There is another hamper in the main bathroom for dirty clothes plus another one in each of the kid's bedrooms, and a dirty clothes basket in the laundry. A bit cluttered!!! any suggestions!!! Thanks

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Dec 09, 2010
by: michelle

Thanks Samantha
Your ideas sound sensible hanging clothes to be ironed by need as I avoid ironing and iron by need only I was putting ironing in hampers rather than hanging up so I will take that idea on board thanks again.

Dec 08, 2010
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by: Samantha

Hi Michelle, Wow! You have a lot of hampers! To be honest w/you, I iron as little as possible now. But, when I worked outside the home, here's what I did...

Clothes that were washed and ready to be ironed were hung up in the closets. When I was ready to wear an item, I'd pull it out, iron it, then wear it. Or, what I usually did was plan my outfits for the work week during the weekend, iron all of them, then have them hanging and ready to go in the morning.

For girls dresses that needed ironing, I'd iron them all quickly after hang drying them. By the way, if you hang dry items, be sure to hand press/smooth and shake the wrinkles out as much as possible thereby limiting the amount of ironing needed.

I wouldn't store clothes that need ironing in a hamper because you're working off memory as to what's in the hamper. You need to see what you have so you can plan what to wear. It also saves money by being able to see what you have so you don't buy duplicate items.

Hang things up that need ironing in your closets, or set up an ironing center in your daughter's old room. Hang clothes that need ironing up in her old closet and store the iron in there along with the ironing board.

I must say ironing is one of our most unpleasant tasks! So, to make it a little more inviting when I had to do it every week, I invested in a nice sturdy iron by Rowenta and a nice, heavy, and sturdy ironing board. Planning out an ironing space, using the nice iron and ironing board along with planning out my outfits and hanging them in my closet made the task more than tolerable.

Now, as for all the hampers?! I have one big hamper I keep in the laundry room for my family of six. I also have one laundry basket I use to haul dirty clothes down stairs and clean clothes back up stairs. I do laundry every other day, sheets once a week, and towels once or twice a week and it suits our needs. Good luck and I hope this helps you!

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