My bedroom/office/bathroom/junk room are all the same room!!!

by Kristina

Help me please!!! I have always had good organizing skills all my life and now they have suddenly disappeared!!! In my house live my 17 year old daughter, a friend of hers who is 21, my handicapped son who is 18 but more like 2 in his brain and, my 3 year old grandson, as well as a friend of mine who is "staying for a while". The girls share a room, my son and grandson share a room, I have a room, and my friend sleeps on the living room floor and puts his clothes EVERYWHERE!!!

My house has never been such a mess before. I don't know who to yell at because as much of a slob that my friend is, well, he does actually try to clean, only problem being, he makes things worse when he helps.


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Nov 22, 2010
Comments for organizing a multi-purpose room
by: Samantha

Your organizing skills haven't disappeared, they've been put to the ultimate test!

Here's a two-part answer, first dealing w/the people in your home, the second dealing w/multi-purpose of your room.

Let's see, your daughter and friend share a room - that seems okay from an organizing view point.

Your son and grandson share a room, and from your description, you're in need of controlling organizing the room somewhat, and that seems doable too.

You have your own room.

And, lastly, you have a friend who's bedroom is your living room.

Here are my thoughts: It's your house, you are in control, you stated you have organizing skills. Lay down the rules for keeping the house organized and tidy and delegate them.

Your daughter and friend are responsible for their room.

Your son and grandson can take some responsibility for their room, but it sounds like you'll need to do most of it. (I feel you, I'm right there with my kids right now).

Your room is under your control... and your friend, you can't organize your living room with them in there, there's no way. Clothing that's out and about and not put away in a dresser, or closet is well, you know, just a mess. So, your friend can either go in your room with you, go somewhere else, and if that's out of the question, you'll need to 'live with it' until they leave.

Your bedroom/office/bathroom/junk room are in the same room.

Simple, organize areas of the room by function. The bed area is separated from the office by a decorative screen, or conceal the office in an armoire (you can convert one cheaply). Check out Real Simple and Pottery Barn catalogs too for some beautiful and simple ideas on combining office space w/the bedroom. You'll have to use your creativity like me to do it cheaply.

You mention a junk room? Don't believe in them. Junk drawers? Okay, but junk rooms are a 'no no'. You'll have to go through and declutter, categorize, and organize what's left by the categories you create. Sorry, there's no other quick trick out of it.

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