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As daunting a task as cleaning out the refrigerator may seem, it really isn't if you are consistent and stay organized. With good refrigerator organization, cleaning out the refrigerator will be a snap. So, read on and learn how to get that refrigerator organized.

It's important to organize the refrigerator and freezer so you can readily see what's on hand and those leftovers to make great tasty meals. Follow these quick steps to organize your refrigerator and freezer:

  • Throw out anything you don't recognize.
  • Go through everything and throw out all pull dated items.
  • Go through all sauces and condiments and toss if they look questionable (you'd be surprised how many expired salad dressings you may have).
  • Clear and clean the refrigerator shelf by shelf moving top to bottom (I like to spray on 409, let it sit, then scrub, and rinse with water. Just don't spray any food!).
  • Replace the items in your refrigerator in a line up fashion so you can see what you have. Same goes for the freezer.
  • When clean, place paper towels in the produce bins so you won't have to scrub these out. Just replace the paper towels weekly when you add produce.

When storing leftovers, move them from their big baking dish or pan into smaller storage containers. Don't waste time and energy wrapping or bagging leftovers no one is going to eat. If no one liked the casserole, toss it. If there's only a small portion of pasta left (not enough to even feed the baby), toss it.

The refrigerator door often becomes a mess of reminder notes and kid's artwork. You can't concentrate on kitchen organization with a messy refrigerator door staring at you so, clear it off.

The refrigerator cannot get a good cleaning if it's cluttered with magnets and all kinds of stuff. It's just too tedious to remove everything, wipe the refrigerator down, and then replace everything.

Remove the stuff from the refrigerator door, give it a good cleaning, and either toss or keep the stuff on the door. For the keepers, find a new home. Take pictures of your kid's artwork and toss, or place in frames and rotate them out. Check out this page for more information on what to do with kid's artwork.

Remember to be brutal and keep only what is necessary on the refrigerator door and your kitchen will seem much less cluttered.

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