What about the stuff you can't organize, how does that fit in?

I am very similar to a lot of moms that need help getting organized. I get the whole schedule stuff and how you make more happen in a less stressful way, but what about the stuff you can't plan for and organize.

See I am really good at making lists and starting a plan but then somewhere along the way one of the kids gets sick, or I get sick, or I want to volunteer at school for the day, or the kids have events going on that keep me away from the lists and the schedule. Then the schedule backs up and the lists start to pile and before I know it the whole plan is lost in this chaos of trying to catch up but can't.

Then I am back to being stressed and unorganized. How do you stop the perfectly formed mountain from being destroyed by an avalanche? This is what I can't figure out, and when things start to get difficult I tend to avoid them. So, that way they become even more difficult when I am forced to deal with them. It's a great habit, I know!

Please tell me you have some good advice for this!

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Sep 05, 2011
The unorganized stuff...
by: Journey2believe

When I read that question, "What about the stuff you can't organize, how does that fit in?" I was reminded of my hall closet. It is packed with all the stuff that I can't organize and it truly doesn't all fit in! Then, I actually read your question and realized that you're concerned about the unexpected stuff--the reality of our lives--that can get us off-track. I understand that scenario, too!

Here are a few tips that I've learned very late in life:

Emergencies and unexpected events rarely happen at 5am. So...I try to schedule and do as much of the essentials early in the day. (I am not a morning person by nature, but I am also not a kind person by nature, so I've changed with the Lord's help.)

The second thing I did that helps is I read a book called, "The Relief of Imperfection" that helped me to let go of some of my crazier organizational desires.

When scheduling EXPECT things to take longer and be more complicated. This is tough for those of us who love to think that we can do it all, and very quickly, thank you very much.

The last tip is to read what that super lady wrote about cleaning and defrosting and planning and all that. She sounds like she's got it more together than I.

Sep 02, 2011
Comments for organizing the unexpected
by: Samantha

You're not unorganized, just a loving caring mom that's stressed. Lists are great, schedules are better, but what happens when you get stuck in a doctor's office for two hours w/a kid with another ear infection, then need to run to the pharmacy to pick up their medication, it's then 5:30 p.m. and you have no idea what's for dinner.

The key is to having your own routines. I have routines that keep my house clean and everyone running in the right direction 99.5% of the time. What about the .5%? I gave it up and just don't care. The .5% is our perfectionism at work.

Perfectionism is only in our minds, and as you mentioned, when things "get difficult, we tend to avoid them." I'm right there with you and here's how I overcame that avoidance.

I break my home down into sections and dedicate at the most, thirty minutes a day to it. Daily I try my best to do a quick clean up of the heavy traffic areas such as the bathroom, wiping down the mirror, spraying out and wiping the sink and counters, finishing with a quick swish of the toilet w/plain hand soap pumped on a toilet brush, and a quick spray and wipe of handle, lid, seat, etc. If I get busy and this doesn't get done today, I know I'll get to it tomorrow and I forget about it.

Dishes are washed, dried, and put away daily, nothing is left in the sink. Things around the house are put away after we use them. Spills and wipes are cleaned up as they happen. I dry mop hard surface floors a few times a week w/a wet mop once a week. I quickly vacuum traffic areas every other day.

If there's a nasty chore I don't like, I play a game and time myself to see how fast I can get it done. Sounds stupid? Maybe, but it satisfies the little kid in me.

On Sundays I look at my calendar and plan the week ahead. This takes a whole two minutes. I try to keep my outings limited to one day a week, but if I have something unexpected come up, I relax and know everything is taken care of or will be because of my set routines. Before I go to bed, I know what's going on the next day, the table is set for breakfast, keys and purse are in a specified place, etc. This makes the morning smooth.

That's it, have a basic plan in place and be flexible, especially if your kids are young (you go to the doctor a lot more, I'm sure you already know).

Almost forgot, dinner. It's basic and almost always planned. I have a meal planning link on my site I can provide you with, or you can do what I do, keep it simple... tacos, meatloaf, pasta, frito boats, grilled chicken breast, pork loin, fried rice, etc. Plan weekly meals your family likes and just repeat and have it pulled out of the freezer and ready to cook. A block of frozen ground beef at 6:00 p.m. is an avoidable stressor. Take care and God Bless

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