Baby Closet Organizer

Organizing a New Baby's Closet 

Using a baby closet organizer can make the difference between peaceful bonding times with your new baby and chaos. Having an organized closet space for your new baby will help you:

  • Keep clothing sizes separated.
  • Always know where those little tiny socks are.
  • Never waste time fishing for those socks, blankets, diapers, burp rags, etc.

Life with a new baby is exciting, but if you are constantly searching for all of the needed baby supplies and clothing, it quickly turns into chaos. Just as you should keep all of the needed supplies for diaper changes ready on a changing table, you need a baby closet organizer to arrange their clothing.

All of those little tiny outfits can be difficult to manage and organize, let alone all of the baby blankets, onesies, nighties, hats, shoes, and of course those itty bitty socks. There will also be other types of supplies to keep track of which can conveniently be stored in the closet if you have the right type of baby closet organizer in place.

Further, it is quite amazing how quickly a new baby grows and that means you will need some system in place to sort out clothing as they are outgrown. You may also want to sort out playtime clothes from the nicer clothes for outings or separate outgrown clothing into separate cubbies or storage cubes for consignment shops or to give away.

Here are a few things to think about while determining how to organize your baby's closet:

  • The size of the closet.
  • Variety of items to be stored such as clothes, extra diapers and wipes, toiletries, etc.
  • Whether you prefer hangers, cubbies, storage cubes, shelves, shoe racks, or a mixture.
  • Think long-term, how long you would prefer the baby closet organizer to last and if you want it to grow with your child.

If you have a really small closet, there are some organizers designed to fit over the bar and run to the floor, supplying cubbies and shelves underneath the bar where clothing can still hang above. Some may even have spaces for shoes and other supplies along the side, allowing you to store even more in even the smallest of closets.

Another plus is these organizers are relatively inexpensive but, due to their light weight, they are not as sturdy as standard closet organizers. Just remember they are great for infant sized clothing but, the unit may start to sag some as your child's clothing grows larger and heavier with time.

baby closet organizer

If you prefer shelves and/or cubbies, then consider a closet organization system not designed specifically for a baby's nursery. Some of these units simply add double hanging bars so clothing can be hung in two lines while other units will allow you to insert cubbies, shelves, and shoe racks into the closet which will accommodate all of your baby's belongings from those first few months up into the teenage years.

Consider adding in mesh baskets and other organizational products in order to sort clothing as it is outgrown or to contain toys and keep them neat and orderly.

Once you determine which baby closet organizer you're going to use, think about how you will organize your baby's dresser drawers as well. Just keep in mind that a baby's drawers should be separated out and organized more than that of an adults or older child's dresser. For instance, you may want to place clean night clothing and booties close to the changing table for quick night changing.

I like to keep simple plastic storage bins inside my kid's dresser drawers to separate and contain small items such as socks, undies, and t-shirts.

And, let's not forget that a well stocked changing table is a must. Keep your changing table well stocked with constantly used items such as diapers, wipes, diaper cream, socks, t-shirts, outfits, burp rags, etc. It's also a good idea to keep your baby closet organizer stocked with these constantly used items too. This way if you run out of anything, you can quickly grab needed items to re-stock your changing table, and spend more quality time with your precious new baby.

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