Put an End to the Chore Wars
Chores for Ages 5 to 10 

No matter how hard you work to avoid it, the chore wars are an almost certainty when you are dealing with chores for kids. At around age five to six, kids seem to change when it comes to chores. Toddlers are natural little helpers and absolutely love chores. When kids move out of toddler hood and into around age five to six they start to not like them as much.

Maybe it's the lack of freedom they are experiencing from being in kindergarten all day? Or, maybe the newness has worn off? Or, maybe it's the fighting with their siblings over chores? Whatever it is, we as parents have to work harder in the battle of chore wars.

Just remember your kids need chores for a sense of belonging, a sense of acceptance by others, to teach them how to be functional in life (be independent), and give them a sense of accomplishment. These things combined will boost your child's self esteem immensely.

To win this battle you will have to continue to:

  • Start assigning chores early
  • Explain and show them how to do chores
  • Be clear in your expectations, and…
  • Follow through and hold your ground
Chore Wars

As your child continues to grow, you can then increase the level of responsibility of the chores.

So, don't underestimate what you child can accomplish. Read on for age appropriate chores for ages five through ten.

At ages 5 to 6 your kid can certainly…

Clean up after themselves

Pull weeds in the yard

Plant flowers

Make their own bed

Set the table (remember from toddler activities, they started this when they were three)

Clear the table after eating

Give the dog or cat food and water

Empty the bathroom and bedroom trash

Put their own laundry away

At ages 7 to 8 your kid can definitely:

Wash and dry dishes

Wash the dog

The Chore Wars

If you use a dishwasher they can…

Stack dishes and start the washer

Empty the dishwasher when the cycle completes

Watch their siblings while you make dinner (you're close by of course)

Take out garbage

Pack their lunch for school

Rake leaves… a great way to earn money is to rake the neighbor's leaves

Bring in groceries from the car

Dust and vacuum their rooms

Fold laundry

For ages 9 to 10 your child can…

Mow the lawn with adult supervision at first

Handle cleaning chemicals to clean bathrooms, kitchen sinks, wax furniture, etc.

Vacuum and mop

Clean windows

Remember these simple steps to winning the chore wars with your kids:

  • Assign chores.
  • Just do it and don't listen to any of the whining.
  • Explain how to do them.
  • Give clear directions on how to do chores showing them step by step.
  • Be clear in your expectations.

Tell them what you expect and let them know you'll be checking their work. Give a reasonable time frame in which you expect the chores to be completed.

  • Follow through and hold your ground.

Follow up and check their work. If it's not up to your standards, then tell them to do it again and do it right.

And, always… be firm but nice throughout the chore process and last, but not least, remember to always praise for a job well done and you will have won the chore wars.

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