Easy Kid's Clothes Storage

Today more than ever organized kid's clothes storage is important because it will save time and money allowing you to get the most use out of your kid's clothes. Whether you want to hand them down to your own kids, a friend, or relative's kids, this organizational system will help you.

Hands down after toy storage, kid's clothes storage requires a good system of organization to maintain. This is especially true if you have more than one child of the same sex. The good news is the rate at which kids go through their clothes slows down the older they get.

A good system of organization for kid's clothes storage involves two elements, declutter and organized kid's closets. For our purposes here, we'll discuss decluttering and clothes storage. Click here for excellent tips on kid's closet storage.

Let's declutter your kid's clothes. The rule is the younger the child, the more often you will have to go through this process. It's easy to tell when this needs to be done as it gets harder to squeeze your baby into those onesies and sleep and play outfits. Your toddler's shirts start looking like midriffs and their pants look like they're waiting for a flood.

Once I see my babies and toddlers are outgrowing their clothes, I know it's time for a kid's clothes declutter.

To get started decluttering kid's clothes be sure to bring along two big garbage bags and a clear plastic container(s). Depending on how long it's been since you've decluttered, you may need more than one container.

Have the two garbage bags ready, one for donated items, and one for trash items. Put your clear plastic container(s) aside for clothing items you're going to store.

Go through all kid's clothes and pull everything out that no longer fits, is stained, ripped, or worn out. Put items for donation in a garbage bag, items that are trash in a garbage bag, and items for storage in a clear plastic container.

For older kids, as stated before, the rate at which you will go through their clothes slows down to about twice a year. Once in the late summer to get ready for school and once in late winter or early spring to get ready for summer. The process is the same as that for the babies and toddlers. Go through all their clothes and pull out what no longer fits, is ripped, or just plain worn out. Donate, toss, or store depending on the condition of the clothing.

To store kid's seasonal clothes and shoes, use clear plastic containers (you can see what's inside) and label with the gender, size, and season. For example, "Boys, size 3T, summer". For items that I may need to get at sooner, say for my two girls that are extremely close in age, I store in Space Bags clearly labeled with what's inside up high in their closet.

Now that I have a little more room, and my two youngest girls share a room and closet, I do the following:

I hang the older girl's clothes on the top rod, and the younger girl's clothes on the bottom rod. Since we're not having anymore kids, when it's time go through the younger girl's clothes, I either toss or donate. When the older girl outgrows her clothes, I either toss, or move the clothes to the bottom rod.

For those clothing items you're going to be donating, either make a call to your local shelter or Salvation Army for a scheduled pickup, or put in your car to take for a drop off. Don't put it in the trunk and forget about it, put the items for donation right in the middle of your back seat. This way, you'll have to look at it, you won't have room in your car, and hopefully the shear annoyance of it in your back seat will make you take it for donation sooner rather than later.

For more great tips on kid's clothes storage, see kid's closets.

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