Declutter Your Home

To Save Time and Money

Declutter Your Home

If you declutter your home, you will no doubt save time and money. Time lost searching for things in a disorganized house and money wasted on purchasing duplicates of things you already had, but couldn't find.

Another thing to think about is the mental clutter that comes along with physical clutter. The mental burden of being disorganized can be overwhelming.

Wouldn't it be great to be free of all this physical and mental clutter? Follow these techniques and soon you will be free and as an added bonus, saving time and money too.

In order to declutter your home, you will need to go through every space to organize yourself. This task may or may not seem daunting depending on the current level of organization or lack thereof. Whatever that level is, just remember that it is manageable and I will help through it. What is important is to start small and as you see progress, you will be motivated to move onto bigger projects.

Get organized

When you begin to clean out your home, you'll find it's not always easy to part with stuff. Getting organized means long held habits need to be changed. Just remember, it can be done.

As you begin the declutter your home, ask yourself these four questions:

  1. Do I need it?
  2. Do I want it?
  3. Do I use it?
  4. Do I love it?

Decide what stays to be organized and what goes (tossed or donated).

As a side note, if you want to start saving money immediately, organize the kitchen first. But, the kitchen is a big organization job, so if you want to start smaller, then start with the living room. Regardless where you start, you'll find out how to declutter every room in your home in the links below.

To organize that kitchen, see Kitchen Organization.

Organize your kitchen first and you will start saving money right away since we usually grocery shop every week. If the kitchen is organized, you know what's on hand and what you need, and you will not buy stuff you already have.

You'll be able to better plan and prepare meals at home in an organized kitchen saving money on eating out.

Click on the link above for great ways to clear the clutter and organize your kitchen counters, cabinets and drawers, refrigerator and freezer, the pantry, your cookbooks, and recipes.

Organize those closets and drawers, see Closet Storage Ideas.

This page offers tips and advice to get every closet in your home organized from the linen closet to your bedroom closet.

An organized closet is a must money saver so you don't buy another white shirt when you have five already! In addition, you'll save time getting dressed because you will be able to find things quickly!

Organize your home, room by room, see The Organized Home.

You will go from room to room to get your home organized.

If you declutter and organize yourself and your home, you will definitely save yourself mental anguish, time, and money.

It will feel great to be rid of all that clutter and organize yourself. You will definitely save time not having to plow through piles of stuff to find an important piece of paper. Last but not least, you will save money since you will not have to buy duplicate items of things you already had on hand, but couldn't find in the cluttered mess.

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