Easter Basket Ideas

Simple, Easy, and Frugal Easter Basket Ideas

Easter Basket Ideas

Coming up with new Easter basket ideas every year can be somewhat of a costly challenge if you let it. Below are some ideas I've used over the years to keep Easter traditions alive while keeping my kids excited too.

Let your kids come up with their own Easter basket ideas. They can make filling for the basket by cutting and crinkling construction paper. They can make cards to leave for the Easter Bunny, explaining why they have the best Easter basket deserves the most candy and goodies. They can even list some nice things that they've done around the house and their accomplishments in school too.

Instead of buying one of those ready-made for kids Easter baskets filled with junk toys that break and stale candy, your children will have created a keepsake card for you (the real bunny), used their creativity, and taken some of the expense out of the holiday.

All moms are busy and no one wants to fight a Walmart crowd to buy Easter baskets for her kids during the Easter rush. To avoid the hassle and headaches of shopping on the eve of Easter, I shop throughout the year for Easter basket fillers. I take mental notes of toys, books, and goodies my kids like and need throughout the year and simply add an item or two here or there during my Walmart or Target trips. By the time Easter roles around, my Easter basket shopping is done. I save purchasing Easter candy for last so it's fresh for Easter Sunday.

Save yourself more money and have unique Easter baskets by reusing the same one every year. You can purchase wicker baskets relatively inexpensively at Walmart. My kids have been using the same wicker baskets for Easter every year.

Small plastic brightly colored plastic storage crates can be purchased cheaply at a Dollar Store. After Easter you can use these to store miscellaneous items around the house.

If you want to save even more money, you don't even need to purchase wicker baskets. You can use a shoe box covered in brightly covered wrapping paper, or a simple plastic container filled with Easter grass and colorful Easter goodies. Let your kids decorate the boxes for you, they'll have fun and you'll have saved money.

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