Time and Money Savers for Running Errands

Who likes to spend their whole Saturday after working all week running around from store to store to buy groceries, pick up the dry cleaning, etc.? No one does. The weekends are the worst time to do this since everyone else is trying to get their errands done too.

Below are quick tips on how to get a handle of this weekly ritual to save time and money, in particular gas money!

  • Lists are crucial. Keep a running grocery list on your refrigerator to avoid last minute runs to the store for a forgotten item. I also keep a running to do list in my day planner to remind me of the little things that need to get done throughout the week.
  • Get as much done on the lunch hour as you can. When I worked outside the home, I scheduled nail appointments, a workout, or run to the drugstore during lunch. That's with having to park three blocks away from my office too!
  • Buy your groceries on the way home from work. Some people say that's the busiest time, but I never found that to be true. If your store is busy after work or on Saturday mornings, shop during the week after 8 p.m. while everyone's eating dinner.
  • Buy your weekly groceries the night your newspaper runs the weekly grocery ads. The stores should have what you need in stock since they stock up for the sale.
  • If you buy groceries after work, then buy dinner ready made. Pick up some French bread, deli meats, and cheese for an instant dinner. Buying groceries on your way home saves gas money as you hit the store on your route home.

If you must run errands on the weekend, then follow these tips:

  • Organize your route by mapping it out
  • Schedule stops so you don't have to make left hand turns. You won't get stuck trying to get out of a parking lot to cross lanes to get to a left hand turn signal. You'll make right hand turns into all your stops and beat a few lights)
  • Schedule your grocery shopping as the last stop so perishables don't perish

You'll save loads of time and gas and ultimately save money by following these tips!

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