Kitchen Counter Organization

Kitchen Counter Organization

The counters are the first place you want to organize in the kitchen. The counters are the launching point for your kitchen. If your counters are messy, you cannot organize the rest of the kitchen since you won't have any place to put things as you organize. So, start there...

Start kitchen counter organization by categorizing the clutter and tackle one type at a time. For instance, categorize into items like bills, schoolwork, catalogs, etc. Or, what I like to do, is to categorize into "toss, file, and deal with now". I then work quickly on each item in these three piles.

Use this strategy when dealing with paperwork…toss or file. Be brutal and organize the stack accordingly, do not place it back on the counter. For an excellent way to deal with bills, see create a place for everything.

Continue attacking each type of clutter the same way until you see the actual counter. If you're having trouble sorting and feel overwhelmed, set a timer and work on one category for thirty minutes a day. Before you know it you will have conquered the clutter.

After you see the light or counter at the end of the tunnel decide what really needs to be on those counters. Good kitchen organization dictates we keep only what we need and use daily in sight.

Get rid of canisters. They don't store things well, they clutter up valuable counter space, and you have to move them to clean. Besides items like flour and sugar keep longer if you place them in air tight containers or Ziploc bags in the cabinet.

Continue to think about what you use and what needs to be on that counter. Usually knives, toaster, and a coffee maker are the only things that get used daily to be placed on the counter. I got rid of the coffee maker for a percolator that I store in the cabinet after use and clean up.

Food items such as bananas, apples, and oranges look nice in baskets or bowls. I keep onions on a carved wooden pig for quick access while I cook. Everything else can be placed inside cabinets.

You'll be amazed at how keeping the counters clear makes meal prep easier since you'll have more space. Clean up will be easier too as you don't have to move heavy appliances, gadgets, and paperwork to clean.

Having clear kitchen counters can be like a weight lifted off your shoulders. You no longer have the visual clutter and will feel motivated to take on the rest of your kitchen now. So, kitchen counters are a great way to start your kitchen organizing journey.

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