Laundry Room Organization

Laundry Room Organization

As part of the home organization journey, good laundry room organization is a must. How can you get clothes clean if your laundry room is a cluttered mess?

No matter how much time you spend doing laundry, it's important to make the laundry room organized, efficient, and user friendly.

Most of us don't care too much for doing laundry, so it's important to keep the laundry room's main purpose in mind. In other words, don't dump stuff on your machines, keep them clear of everything except laundry related items that you reach for constantly. It's a real drag to have to clear off the machines just to use them.

The first step to laundry room organization is to look at your space and how it can be best utilized.

Storage Space

If you don't have much space in your laundry room, look up and use vertical space.

Install cabinets or shelves above the machines and allow enough space on top of the cabinets or shelves to place nice baskets for miscellaneous items such as extra hangers.

Stash your laundry items in storage containers like plastic tubs to catch detergent drips and leaks. If you don't have the luxury of dedicating all the cabinet space to laundry only items, portion off some space for that. Dedicate the rest of the space to store other items such as household cleaning products and stash these in plastic tubs too.

Hang Dry

If you need hanging space to hang dry items, or hang items as you pull from the dryer, install a closet rod (you can also use a shower curtain rod) between the cabinets and the wall or any free space you may have.


Hampers take up a lot of space, so use according to the space you have. You can place them in the bathrooms, closets, or if you're really tight on space, use hanging bags.


For stains, keep a small basket on the laundry room floor that your family can put stained items in to be treated right away. This way you won't find them as you pull from the dryer with the stain now permanent.

Folding Space

If you're lucky enough to have counter space in your laundry room, then keep it clear. A flat folding space is critical to fold clothes. Clothes will be folded neater and therefore stored neater giving you more space and making you more organized!

I fold and put away everyone's clothes except for my oldest child. I have found it easier to train kids to fold and put away their clothes around age seven to eight. Until then, it's easier, quicker, and more efficient if I do it.

Keeping Siblings Clothes Separate

It's not hard distinguishing everyone's clothes from the others. If you have children of the same sex close in age and have trouble distinguishing their clothes apart, then use the dot trick. Simply take a non-washable marking pen and put a red dot on the labels of one of their clothes to distinguish them apart. Pretty simple strategy, and will save a lot of arguments.

Use these quick tips to good laundry room organization and transform doing laundry from a necessary evil to a pleasant experience in a nice and neatly organized space.

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