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As a mom, life can get really busy. Life whizzes by at a frantic pace. For the average Mom, keeping tabs on kid's doctor's appointments, vet appointments for the dog, and parent teacher conferences becomes a minefield of missed appointments and humbling apologies. All these could be avoided by taking steps to become better organized within your personal life. The way to do this is by using a personal organizer.

I'm old fashioned and prefer paper personal organizer over electronic organizers. It's not that I'm scared of electronic organizers as I've used them before. There's just something about putting pen to paper that solidifies it in my mind. Writing things down not only makes things 'concrete' in my mind, it calms me down too. It's as if my problems, stress, and worries over a busy life are left in the organizer.

I like to us a Franklin Covey organizer because I like the format and it fits easily into my purse.

The makers of these organizers have woken up to the fact that housewives and ordinary working moms need personal organizers too. Several brands exist, offering a range of sizes, shapes and modular sections. Some even have pretty covers!

These organizers are very flexible. Some are fixed with a glue binding like a book, while others have a spiral binding, and yet others have a spring binding which allows you to open and shut it at will, inserting and removing modules which can be purchased separately and tailored to your personal needs.

You are now able to choose exactly what information you wish to carry around with you. Some examples of the sections available are:

  • Diary
  • Calendar
  • Names and addresses and contacts
  • Lists of holidays in different countries
  • Airline contact numbers (for the busy executive)
  • Report sheets for sales calls (for salesmen and saleswomen)
  • Checking account and expenditure records

...and the list goes on based on your needs.

For me I have always kept things simple with a listing of the whole week's calendar, names and phone numbers of those I contact often, and a blank section to log in my eating and exercising for the week by day (keeps me accountable).

personal organizers

Generic and personalized inserts for your individual needs are available. Some even contain diet sheets, weight loss recording sheets, exercise sheets and so on. If what is commercially available does not suit your needs, there are blank sheet module packs available, graph paper, block paper, lined paper and so on which allows you to design and make your own charts/records.

One of the handiest aspects of these organizers to me is the fact that at year end - you are able to have in your organizer a diary for the next year as well as one for the current year, so that the nasty over-lap gap between diaries does not happen. And most important of all - when it is time to change one section of your organizer - you do not have to copy across all those names and addresses and birthdays from one diary to another! That alone is worth its weight in gold.

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