A Purse Hanger
Will De-Bug Your Life

There are a million microscopic reasons to think twice about where you place your purse!

  • There are germs and bacteria that you cannot see literally everywhere.
  • The number of bacteria and germs on the outside of your purse would shock you.
  • Purse hangers keep your purse and all belongings inside free from germs, theft, and all other dangers.

We all love our bags and probably spend way too much time shopping for them or simply admiring them in our favorite stores, but how often have you considered purchasing a purse hanger? Did you even know they exist?

There are probably more purses and bags sitting in your closet at home right now than you could possibly carry in a single week, right? There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving a good bag and cherishing a new purse, but have you ever thought about where you store your purses? Have you ever thought twice about sitting them on the kitchen counter or the corner of a restaurant table?

Sure, those surfaces are clean, but how clean is the bottom of your purse?

A Million Reasons for Caution

Right now there are a million, if not a billion microscopic reasons to keep your bag off the counter tops and on a handbag hanger. Germs and bacteria are hiding on literally every surface that you see. Yes, even inside your home!

Even the most meticulous cleaners have some sources of bacteria lingering in their home, often in places that they would never even consider looking. Even if you did look, they can't be seen. They are even on the outside of every purse you own. Think about all of the floors those bags have sat on, the bathroom counters they have propped on while you freshened up your face, and all the other surfaces that you have sat them down on.

The bottom of your purse may look clean, but rest assured it is not.

The Solution

Of course, you are not going to rush to the closet or wherever you currently keep your bags and toss them in the trash, and you aren't going to pick them up with gloves either. Purse hangers are the only solution that really makes sense.

A simple handbag hanger is low in cost and can be used over and over, simply fitting over the edge of tables so the purse dangles below without hitting the floor. They also come in very stylish designs that fit your personality.

It's a good idea to simply purchase a new purse hanger for every new purse you buy. This way there is always one on hand and you don't have to worry about where you will lay your bag down, what might be crawling on it, or what is already on it.

Instead of throwing out your bags, wipe them with antibacterial/sanitary wipes to get rid of germs. Then purchase a couple purse hangers and use them wisely to keep your purse from being attacked by bacteria and who knows what else may be lurking on the counters you come in contact with.

You would never eat a piece of food from the floor, but most of us think nothing of touching a purse that has been sitting on the floor and then eating our food! Something to think about there!

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