Purse Organizer

The Final Answer to a Messy Purse

Which one of use hasn't struggled with how to keep our purses organized? I thought my daughter was going to die of embarrassment one time when I went to pull out my wallet to pay for groceries, and a tampon came flying out onto the conveyor belt. I was a wee bit embarrassed, but like most of us, have better things to worry about. What bothered me more about this incident was the disorganized state of my purse.

I love purses and find it fun to change them out often. But, with four kids, a husband, and a business to run, I have a lot of stuff to carry around and not much time to keep it organized. I found it nearly impossible to take the time to transfer the contents from one purse to the other.

What I want to know is this: Why wasn't the Joey Organizer for purses invented sooner?

What a simplification of my day - my cell phone rings, I open my handbag, grab my cell phone from it's own handy little pouch in my handbag organizer, and I am halfway through a conversation before the average woman has even located the irritating buzzing noise somewhere in the depths of her handbag. Immediately before I walk in for my next appointment, I casually reach down into my bag, locate my lipstick and compact, and refresh my makeup and I am ready to make an impact. No more going to the little girls' room in order to powder my nose!

Joey Purse Organizers are definitely God's Gift to Women - revolutionizing the way we fill, carry and use the contents of our purses.

Car keys and other large items like my wallet live in the center of the Joey when its ends are rolled in and Velcro-ed together into place.

The Joe Organizer is flexible, yet firm enough to hold a handbag nice and firmly in shape. A benefit to keep those high-end bags from looking slouchy and getting worn from being crumpled up when you set them down.

It has handy pockets, each just the right size to hold individual items that get so easily and irritatingly lost in our purses.

Instead of trying to find a nail file in a dark purse - the Joey Purse Organizer will almost hand it to you as you reach into your purse. Your tissues are no longer at the bottom of your purse getting shredded and leaving white paper dust scattered everywhere.

Your driving along and realize your lips are chapped and very painful, but dread trying to 'fish' around your messy purse with one hand on the wheel and one hand in your purse trying to find the Chapstick. With the Joey Purse Organizer, you find your Chapstick and quickly apply it, no problem. Credit and debit cards slide out easily from the neat pockets and straight into the ATM or credit machine during checkout, leading to a much more efficient and safe way of handling payments, which has to be safer for you.

My favorite part of the Joey Purse Organizer is that it is so easily transportable from one handbag to another. All you have to do is lift it up and out and put it into the new one! Made with seven pockets of handy sizes - this organizer measures 5 inches tall and 26 inches long. It certainly not only organized my purse, it made me feel more "organized", calm, and put together and we all know how great that feels!

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