It's Easy to Stop Junk Mail

Don't you wish you could just stop junk mail? The other day I received five catalogs that I did not want and two offers for credit cards. As usual, I shredded the credit card offers and recycled the five catalogs thinking the whole time what a waste.

My husband came home from work and told me about They are part of a going green initiative his company is initiating. The purpose of is to stop all junk mail.

I was thrilled and signed up immediately because I can't stand junk mail. It not only destroys the environment, it wastes valuable time, money, and creates clutter.

Quit wasting the earth's valuable resources and start saving the environment, your time, and money!

You can do this yourself by utilizing the services at or, for a small fee that will save you the hassle of doing it yourself, will stop junk mail for you.

Did you know that in order to keep your name and address private and off of mailing lists you should...

  • Never give out your name and address unless they are absolutely necessary.
  • If you do share your address and phone number with a company, then request in person or writing that they not sell, share, or rent your information.
  • When moving, don't fill out a change of address form with the post office. The post office sells this info! To get around this, use a temporary mail forwarding form then change your address yourself with people and businesses.
  • Tell the phone company to omit your address from your phone listing, or better yet, don't list your number at all.
  • Don't sign up for those supermarket clubs. And, if you do, then sign up under a pseudo name and address.
  • When you donate money to a charity, make sure to request they don't sell, share, or rent your info.
  • Avoid sending in product warranty cards. If you absolutely have to, then write on there to not sell, share, or rent your info. stops junk mail from being sent to you. This service covers everyone in your home for five years, saving you...

  • Time spent weeding through unwanted mailings and catalogs.
  • Your identity from being stolen. Credit card offers that end up in a thief's hands can quickly ruin your credit.
  • The environment by keeping a hundred million plus trees in the forest where they belong (keeping our earth cool and reducing CO2 levels) instead being harvested for paper products.
  • Twenty-eight billion gallons of water.
  • Your favorite charity too since they will donate to it once you sign up.

So, do something good... Organize yourself while going green and put a stop to junk mail.

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