Super Mom

Thinking of the term Supermom brings to mind images of the old T.V. show Superwoman... powerful, beautiful, and perfect Linda Carter. I also conjure up an image in my mind of a business woman dressed in a suit, with a briefcase in one hand, holding a baby in the other arm. Is this really possible, is there even such a thing as a superhuman mom able to be and do it all at the same time? Whether you're a work at home mom, stay at home mom, or work outside the home, the idea of the "having and doing it all" is different for everyone.

Some women view it as an impossible goal, others view it as someone who needs a real hobby, while still others view the concept of supermom as a woman who has her life in balance.

I prefer the latter and view myself as someone who has life in balance... the majority of the time anyways.

Being a supermom isn't about "doing it all perfectly", it's about getting things done in a manner that's "okay" with you. In other words, relax, relieve some mental pressure as it doesn't all have to get done today!

As women we tend to take on the role of supermom anyways by doing too much both mentally and physically, so it's important to take care of ourselves. Women and stress go hand in hand as we have a lot more responsibilities than others in our lives. We're the ones who worry if the kids are wearing warm clothes, if there's enough milk, who's going to pick the kids up from practice, etc. That's why we need to put ourselves first by taking care of ourselves. I'm not just talking about a manicure or haircut here and there. I'm talking about taking care of the whole you by realizing you have an identity all to your own.

You had a life before you got married, or before you had kids. What did you like to do? I liked music and reading so, I download music to my iPod whenever I can and make it a goal to read a new book every couple of months.

It's important to have your own identity and continue to have a connection to that, otherwise we become tired, dull, and disconnected with life.

So, learn to take care of the "whole you" and check out the following articles.

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Stress in life is unavoidable especially for women. Women and stress are synonymous since we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. These stress management tips provide simple strategies that teach us how to manage our stress.

Life in Balance
Find true balance in your life. It's the only way to live life in optimal health.

Work from Home Mom
Find out how to 'manage it all' and increase your productivity with these tips for work at home moms.

Working Mothers
Whether you work outside the home or work at home, these tips for working mothers will help you find ways to obtain balance, and get the help you need to be the best mom you can be. 

Organize Your Office at Work
Find out how to take control of your office space at work and keep it organized so you can increase productivity and have a positive attitude.

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