Coat Closet Organization

Haven't we all fantasized about a coat closet that stored only coats! Imagine having guests over and being able to take their coats from them and fit them in this closet! Awake to reality and the average sized home doesn't allow that kind of space luxury, but there are things you can do to help tidy up and organize this space.


  • the purpose of the space you are organizing
  • declutter
  • categorize what's left
  • create a place for everything

Coat Closet

First, remember the purpose of the closet. Look at what is in there and scale down and declutter as much as possible.

Declutter. Toss damaged and ripped coats. Donate coats that no longer fit you or your children.

The coat closet can be a detriment to home organization as it can quickly become a dumping ground. I've quickly hidden things in there when company's coming, or I just don't have time to deal with it. So, remove anything that doesn't belong there and store elsewhere.

Categorize items such as coats, the vacuum cleaner, family board games. Look at what needs to go in this closet and categorize these things.

Create a space for everything. Assess the space and design it according to your needs. If your closet has a tall ceiling, then look up and use vertical storage. If you need more shelving, then rip out the closet rod and replace with a closet organizer of simple wire shelving and a smaller rod. The Container Store offers an excellent storage solution called the elfa® closet organization system.

Store all your coats in this closet both winter and spring.

If the vacuum must go in there, then place it under short hanging coats.

Store items such as family games on a shelf for easy access.

Don't forget the back of the door for storage to hang hats.

Utilize good entryway organization, see Entryway Storage Organization. and you will have an easier time organizing this closet. A lot of things that typically end up in an entryway closet will already have a nice and neat storage place with good entryway organization.

Depending on your level of organization, this closet can be easy to organize. Just remember to tackle it like any other project by remembering its purpose, declutter, categorize, and designate a place for everything.

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