Purse Organization Tips

Tips that Will Declutter and
Get Your Purse Organized Fast

purse organization tips

It's so unnerving to be rushed and stressed while simultaneously trying to 'fish' for something out of a messy purse. Add driving at the same time to that mix and it can spell disaster.

Take some time now to get your purse organized with these simple purse organization tips. Time spent now is time saved in the future from not having to search in the 'land of the lost' that's called your purse.

Follow along as we walk through these simple declutter tips for your purse.

Purse Organization Tips to Declutter your Purse:

  • Dump it out onto a clear counter or table
  • Separate and categorize all the stuff that came flying out of your purse
  • Throw out anything that's trash or you no longer need
  • Put stuff away that doesn't or no longer belongs in your purse
  • Decide what needs to stay in your purse (we'll talk more about that in the list below)
  • Then create a place for everything

And, repeat as often as necessary, but if you follow along and 'create a place for everything' you won't have to declutter and organize as much or maybe not at all!

That's it... the basic steps to decluttering and organizing your purse.

Now we'll go into these purse organization steps in more detail.

The best way to tackle organizing your purse is to first dump and declutter.

You'll then toss out all those empty gum wrappers, bobby pins, old grocery lists, etc. You'll put stuff away where it belongs and not back in your purse.

Next on the list is to decide what actually needs to stay in your purse. Here's a handy list of the basics that should be found in a typical woman's purse.

Purse Organization Tips for What Goes in Your Purse:

  • Snacks - 1/4 c. almonds or a protein bar for when you're stuck and starving.
  • Makeup bag - blotting papers (removes facial oil without removing makeup), lipstick & lipliner, or chapstick.
  • Medicine and first-aid kit - in addition to the one you need to keep in your car, carry a small first-aid kit of band-aids and headache medicine (just make one yourself using a ziploc bag. If you have kids, be sure to keep the headache medicine in a child proof container).
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Tissues
  • Mints or gum
  • Hand lotion (can double as chapstick in a pinch)
  • If you have kids - make sure you have an emergency snack for them, extra pacifier, and a small toy or book.
  • Wallet
  • Checkbook and pen
  • Cell phone
  • Your things to do list. Keeping a running list of "things to do" is critical to me as it lets me accomplish everything I need to without forgetting things and having to go out and make a second trip. See the page on "Things to Do Lists" for more info on this valuable little tool I use to get things done!
  • Personal organizer - paper or electronic (make sure to either write down or program the phone numbers of your doctors, dentists, hair dressers, and any other phone number you reference frequently... you'll save money on 411 charges).

To create a place for everything, I like to use the Joey Purse Organizer. The Joey Purse Organizer keeps everything in my purse nice, neat, and easy to locate fast. No more fumbling around in a dark purse looking for my keys!

If you use a Joey Purse Organizer, more than likely your purse will stay clutter free. If you decide not to use one, don't fret, just do a purse dump a little more often to clear out the clutter and simplify your life.

If you liked these purse organization tips, then check out my page on the Joey Purse Organizer for a super easy way to get your purse organized fast... it will stay organized too!

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