When is Easter this Year?

How many of you get asked by your family, "What day is Easter?" My husband and kids always ask right around late February, beginning of March. So, to help us all, here's a list of Easter dates through 2017 to help you answer the inevitable question, "When is Easter this year?"

I always know Easter is on its way when the following happens:

  1. As I said before, my family starts asking me the above question.
  2. Everyone starts asking me what I'm giving up for Lent.
  3. The retailers! Just today I was in Costco and big Easter baskets, Easter candy, and bags of plastic eggs are already here and it's only February.
  4. My family and my husband's family starts asking what we're doing for Easter.

I've always loved Easter. I think it's my second favorite holiday after Christmas. My mom always made it really special from the time we started coloring Easter eggs to the fun Easter basket and then a big Easter brunch with all the family.

When Is Easter

I still get excited about Easter. It's the special memories from my childhood that get me in the Easter mood.

It's also the newness of Spring and the feeling of rebirth when all the beautiful flowers and lush green foliage come out this time of year. It all just brings out that special feeling of Spring.

Having four kids now makes Easter even more fun! I shop for Easter, holidays, and birthdays throughout the year. You may think I'm crazy, but with four kids, I don't have the time or the money to wait until the last minute to scramble to pick up Easter basket stuffers.

For simple Easter basket stuffers I pick up things my kids would like from the dollar bins at Target, or at a really good sale somewhere. I look everywhere for Easter stuff this time of year. Just this past week I picked up two identical toddler Easter dresses in my two youngest girl's sizes from a local thrift store for $3 each!!! They were practically brand new. That was a fun day, and what a great way to not only save money, but get in the Easter spirit.

So, when you're family starts asking, "When is Easter?" get ahead of the game and get yourself organized for Easter on one of the following pages.

What is lent? Read up on what lent is and the history behind it.

History of Easter. What better way to get in the Easter spirit and teach your kids the meaning of Easter than to read up on the history of Easter.

Easter basket ideas. Do yourself a favor this year and don't stress and DON'T overspend on Easter baskets. You need to read these super simple Easter basket ideas.

Easter dinner recipes. Remember all the good food from Easter when you were little? Recreate that feeling and make some special memories for your kids too with these easy and simple Easter dinner recipes and Easter dessert recipes.

Easter gift ideas and kid's easter crafts. Don't know what to get that special someone for Easter? Are you hosting Easter dinner and need some fun crafts to keep the kids entertained for the time between the egg hunt and dinner? Then check out Easter gift ideas and kid's Easter crafts for some great ideas.

Now when someone asks you, "When is Easter?" You'll not only know the answer, you'll be ready and in the mood for Easter.

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